Why Every Realtor Needs a Video Marketing Strategy Right Now

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Here’s the cold, hard truth. If you’re not using video as an essential part of your social media marketing strategy in 2019, you’re falling behind.

Not only do consumers want to see videos from businesses more than any other type of content online, but in the real estate industry, where visuals and trust are especially crucial, there’s no better way to win over an audience than with video. 

You may have already started dabbling in video, but if you’re not getting any traction, it may be because you’re breaking some of the cardinal rules of social video. Posting memes or lengthy clips of Jenny singing at the company picnic won’t get you where you need to be.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what you should be doing to capture attention, win over leads and get that all-important conversion when you post your listings.

Capture Attention

At this stage of the social media game, what we call the top of the marketing funnel, your potential client won’t know who you are. To get their attention, you’ll need a short video that grabs their attention, so they stop scrolling through their feed long enough to watch. Here’s the catch. You only have random seconds to do it.

Now this doesn’t mean your entire video has to be 2.7 seconds long, but you should definitely keep your clips short and put your most attention-capturing details up front.

One tool that’s perfect for this mission is Yala. With Yala, you can create branded seven-second social videos, with a style and quality that's uniquely yours, without filming a thing. Simply use their diverse templates and library of great, original videos –including many that are made just for real estate professionals – to create mini-masterpieces that prominently feature your brand and message. Take a look at how easy they are to create.

You can use Yala’s videos to announce open houses or showcase your happy customers, which instantly appeals to anyone shopping for or selling a home.

Win Over Leads

Once you’ve got the attention of your potential clients, you’ll want to keep them around by offering them entertaining yet valuable information, talking about important real estate tips and trends that might affect them.

The best way you can do this is by sharing quick half-minute to one-minute explainer and behind-the-scenes videos that allow customers to learn and discover more about the real estate buying and selling process.

Getting a lot of questions about closing costs or picking the best location in the neighborhood? Hop on Instagram Live or Facebook Live to do a Q&A chat about home buying costs.

Staging a home for an open house? Take a few minutes to capture what you’re doing and why. You can post these to your social feeds and save clips to compile later for a YouTube video, like this one from Lowe's Home Improvement featuring curb appeal tips.

You don’t have to film yourself in these videos, but your audience seeing you on the camera will go a long way in building engagement and trust, so you absolutely should! Remember, you only have 2.7 seconds to grab attention, usually with no sound, so be sure to add an appealing visual intro. For example, check out how real estate podcaster David Sidoniuses animated facial expressions and body motion to draw people in.

Make Your Listings Stand Out

Gone are the days of open houses is the only way for a large number of potential buyers to see your listings. Nowadays you can reach anyone almost anywhere in the world thanks to social media. Furthermore, potential buyers and home shopping online long before they get in touch with a realtor, so sharing a listing they love online will go a long way in them choosing you.

Typically, when searching for listings on social media, you’ll find a lot of photos. After all, pictures are worth a thousand words. But videos? They’re worth almost two million words. So if you want to truly convert your social media followers into buyers, it’s time to start posting videos of your listings online.

This may sound complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at how realtor Brian Nielson does this in under seven minutes using his smartphone, giving potential clients a feel of space that’s almost impossible to capture in a photograph.

All you need is to walkthrough the home, as you would when showing it to a potential buyer in person, and capture it on video. This way, by the time your prospect calls, they’re already prequalified and familiar with the listing,so you can get down to the paperwork.

Social Video Is Here to Stay

Video isn’t just a fad that will blow over in a few years. Not only have all social media platforms embraced video in the past few years by prominently including it as part of their user experience, but video technology is developing rapidly, thanks to developments like virtual reality and 360-degree video technology.

Real estate professionals have fortunately, as a whole, recognized the value of video content, and everyday, more of them are investing in the necessary tools to make it an integral part of their online marketing strategy.

So if you’re not using video at every step of your marketing to get the attention you deserve and convert it into sales, not only are you missing out – you might be passively killing your business without even realizing it.

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