Framing Your House: A Home Builder Quick Review

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You want a newly-built home, or perhaps you have a home built for you right now.  It's exciting to watch a bare patch of dirt get transformed into the site of a new house, built especially for you.  You chose the flooring, you chose the cabinets, and the tile, and the counter tops.  Your new home is personalized to you in a variety of ways.


Part of the fun of having a new home built is watching the home go through its phases of construction: foundation, framing, trades (electrics, plumbing, HVAC, insulation), drywall, trim and cabinets, paint, flooring, fixtures, clean-up, buyer walk through, and punch list.  It's exciting to watch your home morph and blossom with each passing week.


You will get to see a video tour of a home site where a house is in framing.  I began my real estate career in the w1980's, selling new homes for a semi-custom home builder here in Northern Virginia.  I quickly learned about the series of stages a house goes through, from start to finish.  Take a moment to relax and enjoy the short video about the framing process.



The framing stage is crucial for getting your house off to a good start, with floors that are level, and walls that are plumb.  Panelized exterior walls get your house off to a good start.  Each panel is created in a factory, where workers take a form called a jig, they lay pre-cut pieces of 2X4's, 2X6's, and strandboard in their places then stand back as the jig pushes all of the pieces precisely together, then multiple pneumatic nail guns fire simultaneously, holding the panel tightly together.  Each panel is exactly the same.  The jig doesn't show up late on Monday, or come in with a hangover after Wednesday night bowling on Thursday. 


All of the panels for your house and the lumber for the interior rooms are loaded onto a 52' long, 18-wheeler truck that delivers your house from the panel plant in the boondocks of western Virginia to your home site.  The triangular roof trusses typically arrive on a second trailer.


The framing crew raises your first floor from the outside in.  When the center beams for the second floor are in place, the framers will lay down the second floor subfloor, then hoist the second floor exterior panels up and into place.  When the second floor is framed and ready for the roof trusses, a tall crane is brought to the site for a day to hoist each truss high in the air, and set it down, in order, where it fits.  The last step for the framers is attaching the strandboard sheathing to the roof trusses in preparation for the roofers.


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