7 Things To DO for Your Meeting Tonight

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Is your PTO or PTA meeting tonight and do you not know what you're going to do? Phew! We can help with our 7 Things To Do Reminder!:

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Meetings are important but, how can I say this, they often bore me.

If you are noticing people distracted or nodding off in your next meeting try these ideas to liven things up.



Provide some snacks—some simple goodies, energy bars, and water are enough.

Name tags for everyone (Not just new attendees.  I worked at a company once that had such a revolving door of new hires that I never bothered to learn someone's name until I had seen them at least 10 times in meetings.

A little fun never hurt—Use some icebreakers to start the meeting. (Try two truths and a lie as an example).

Reminders get people there—Reach out to people where they are Slack, Facebook, e-mail, SMS,etc. At least two hours before the meeting.) Facebook, email, etc.) a few hours before the meeting.

If it is important, then write it down on a handout—agenda, budgets, details of projects, etc.).

Think knights of Round table, not a classroom—arrange tables or chairs to include everyone.

Get people to come back next time —personally, thank each person as they walk into the room.  

Using these suggestions will help you have a more attentive and engaged audience at your next meeting.

Having sat through more meetings than I care to count I can assure you that if people are expecting a snack they are more likely to come and be in a good mood at the start of the meeting.

I was taught to wear my name badge all the time when I was actively working in a real estate office working. You never know when you might meet your next client.  Make it a habit to wear them during working hours.

The more fun a meeting is the more engaged people will be and the more they will (gasp) look forward to them.

If it is not on my to-do list it does not exist.  That includes the meeting you have carefully prepared for.  Invite me and remind me.

If I am at the meeting only to hear what you want me to hear, then a classroom set up is fine. If you want me to participate, then find an alternative seating arrangement.

A thank you as you know is always appreciated.  

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Tatyana Permanova
Highlight Realty - Fort Lauderdale, FL
561-756-6962 - Miami, Fort Lauderdale | Boca Raton RE

Great Post Ray!

I would put Reminders get people there as #1!

Jul 16, 2019 07:57 AM