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The protection of our families is of utmost importance to us all. So when the wind starts blowing and the waters begin to rise advanced precautions and panama city real estate storm preparednesspreparations will go a long way to ensuring our families safety!

Here are just a few tips on Storm Safety.

Get a Glow in the Dark Flashlight

Easy to find glow in the dark tape wrapped around a flashlight makes it easy to find the light when the power goes out.

Leave it or mount it somewhere readily available in cases where it's needed quickly

Be aware of Lightning and Electrical Storms

During an electrical storm it is highly advisable to stay indoors.

However, here is something you may not be aware of.... Lightning can still get to you indoors by following the conductive paths within your home.

Specifically through the wiring, your plumbing and water systems of your home. What that means is during an electrical storm, try to avoid taking a shower or bath, or working on your computer or with power tools.

Try to stay away from all water and home appliances while the storm is passing.

High and dry wheels

Every year we hear about someone thinks the water level isn't as high it appears and decides to driving through a few inches of water. Inevitably what happens is they either need to be rescued or worse, get swept up in a flood.

Floodwaters can be hiding potential sink holes, washouts as well as the road.

Some vehicles will partially float and become hard to control in as little as 6 inches. of water. In 2 feet of water, most passengers as well as trucks can become a floating disaster

So, next time you come across a flooded road, please think twice and go around to another passable road rather than risk becoming trapped or worse

High and Dry Heels

.Like wise, rushing water can surprise and sweep the stoutest of us off our feet. Try to avoid any flowing water because of the hidden hazards it might contain.

An Inexpensive Generator

For about $25 or more depending on the model, you can purchase a power inverter which will turn the DC current from your car into AC current for electric devices. It is an inexpensive method of surviving a blackout and can provide power for a tablet or laptop or power tools and appliances (for the larger inverter models).

Cash in Hand!

Try to keep some emergency cash stash on hand. During a blackout, cash can become an essential part of a survival kit. Some stores may not be able to process credit card purchases due to the blackout/outage.

Use the Tub

Most of us in hurricane prone areas are used to frequent power outages. In fact after Hurricane Michael I'm sure many of us realized the importance of storing fresh water.

One thing you can do, is store fresh water in a giant plastic container in your bathtub. You can purchase these containers online from several companies.  The bags come in several sizes ranging from 65 to 100 gallons and cost about $30 plus shipping and handling. Some hardware stores also carry them in stock, so check your local stores.

Gas up the Grill

Keeping a full propane tank handy, will ensure a hot meal during an outage. Why not invite the neighbors and start using the foods in your freezers before the foods go bad.

Likewise Gas up the Can

Your car can be a crucial element in your survival kit. It’s an emergency transport, can also be a charging system for cell phones and or used for appliances with an inverter. Try to keep a little gas in acceptable gas containers available for emergencies

Use the Radio

During as well as after a storm, phone and Internet systems may be unavailable as well as the power grid. Having a battery powered radio will help to keep you informed of weather as well as emergency information.

 I hope you find these tips helpful.

Be safe, be prudent, be prepared!

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Grant Schneider
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Good morning Jennifer - this are so important during a hurricane.  Doing foolish things cost people their lives.

Jul 25, 2019 06:05 AM
Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

Hi Jennifer... really important information for anyone who lives in the path of hurricanes or major storms to have. Well done!

Jul 25, 2019 09:29 AM
MichelleCherie Carr Crowe Just Call...408-252-8900
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Great safety info, especially "Easy to find glow in the dark tape wrapped around a flashlight makes it easy to find the light when the power goes out."

Jul 31, 2019 11:46 AM