Mega Open House Checklist

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  • 10 days to a week before a Mega Open House – Choose the Home

    • Your Open House is like a Theatrical Production - Think of all the things that make up a play or movie, location, a look that will attract, upgrades (things you can highlight). You want this to be as attractive as possible for potential buyers.  Picking the house is not always an option, sometimes you just have to play the cards you are dealt with.
      • If possible pick an area where putting you signage to direct people to your open house and passing our flyers is not prohibited. This is not always possible due to local regulations and neighborhood associations. A little creativity is useful here. If you cannot put up signage, consider having the signs visible in parked cars.
      • Arrange for your mortgage loan originator to be at the open house and to help pay for some of the costs. (Beverages, snacks, flyers, etc.)
      • Check local ordinances about door-to-door distributing of flyers. For some helpful advice see:



  • 7 days before the mega open house

    • Check the weather forecast – In certain areas of the country weather can make or break an open house (think hurricane or 12 inches of snowfall) – 7-day forecasts are about 80% accurate
      • If the weather appears to be so bad that an open house should be canceled, tell the seller and listing agent (if not your listing)
    • Start running ads on Social Media*. A word of caution. This is going to be most effective for those that already have a social media presence that they regularly post to. Remember, also, that Social Media posts should not only consist of Ads.  For some tips see:
    • Shoot a video you shoot with a drone, smartphone, or video camera.
    • Create a lead capture page on your website specific to the open house
    • Create a postcard-like ad or lead capture page to boost out on Social Media. Post to as many pages as you can – 20-30 recommended.
    • Run Social Media ads and Boost to generate traffic and lead capture opportunity.
    • Social Media ads should direct a prospect to the lead capture page on your website
    • Create a brochure to take to the open house and arrange for quality printing
    • Start checking Social Media statistics. Adjust ads as necessary.


  • 6 days before the mega open house

    • Continue checking Social Media statistics. Adjust ads as necessary.
  • 5 days before the mega open house

  • Check the weather forecast – 5-day forecasts are about 90% accurate – if you need to reschedule it should be done now
    • If the weather appears to be so bad that an open house should be canceled, tell the seller and listing agent (if not your listing)
  • Continue checking Social Media statistics. Adjust ads as necessary.
  • Circle call the neighbors near the open house. Let them know about it. (Cole Realty Resources and RedX are two tools that can be helpful with this.
  • Arrange for assistance at the Open House


  • 3-4 days prior to the Mega Open House

    • At the property, use your smartphone and video the property. Describe the features (qualities), the home, the price (CMA) and the finances
    • Submit the video on YOUTUBE, Facebook, Craigslist, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, and other social sites, or your choice. Do this again the day of the open house in the morning.
    • Continue checking Social Media statistics. Adjust ads as necessary.
      • Date:
      • Time:
      • Place:
      • Price:
      • Contact Information:
      • Synopsis:
      • “Welcome Home to a…”
      • Features:
      • Benefit: “Imagine…”
  • 2-3 DAYS Before the Mega Open House

    • Deliver by hand a minimum of 100 to 200 open house flyers (If allowed by local ordinance. Canvas the neighborhood. Don’t forget to canvas business as well. (They may want to capitalize on the extra traffic, they could even be potential buyers. Meet the neighbors, take notes, put prospects in your CRM. (Potential buyers and sellers)
    • This is your best opportunity to meet neighbors by door knocking. Have a script prepared and invite them to the open house.
    • If they are not at home, leave a flyer on the door, never in a mailbox, and add a handwritten note: “Sorry I missed you!”
    • You might want to host a private “Pick Your New Neighbor Party.” Tell them to bring their friends. Wine and Cheese are probably appropriate.
    • Place advertisements on Craigslist, Backpage, Patch, or any other local internet site.
    • Local schools in the immediate area are a great place to deliver flyers to parents that maybe picking up students You get to talk directly with parents.
    • Place open house notice in Zillow,, your local MLS, community bulletin boards, etc.
    • Continue checking Social Media statistics. Adjust ads as necessary.


  • Prepare 2-3 days before

    • Call the Title Rep (or have one prepared) and get them to send you a preliminary title report on the property and area information, such as historic district information of other property restrictions.
    • Obtain a Mortgage Rate Card from your lender – including VA, Conventional, and FHA loan information
    • Talk with your lender about other tools they may have that would be useful.
    • You should have the following to take to the open house:
    • A rock bottom minimum of 25-50 flyers printed on heavy card stock A buyer will need and want considerable information about potential homes.  Be certain your contact information is on the flyer.  (Some agents of higher value properties may prepare a book in place of flyers
    • Prepare a separate sheet with amenities and features. Once again use heavy card stock.
    • A listing of all homes for sale in the zip code (immediate area) detached and, regardless of size.
    • A CMA or RPR for the property – buyers will want to know the “Fair Market Value” for the home
    • If an appraisal has been done, have it available
    • Have the Seller’s Declaration available – if the seller prepared one


  • 1 Day Prior to Mega Open House

      • load up your car or other vehicle with the things you may need at the open house stock your vehicle on flashlights, tissue, paper napkins, paper plates, plastic silverware, water bottles, fold up table and chair, dog treats, air freshener, scented candles, pens, open house food items (cookies, etc.), pepper spray, balloons, business cards, loan information, thank you cards, and other items you might need
      • Check the weather forecast –
        • If the weather appears to be so bad that an open house should be canceled, tell the seller and listing agent (if not your listing)


  • 2-3 hours prior to the Mega Open

    • You want to make certain that you can put up all the signs you want in the places that you want.
    • Bigger signs that are more easily read from a car are preferred.
      • As many as 49% of buyers find homes via house signs. The signs need to have the day & time on them, so people know when to go to the Mega Open
      • Placing Open house flags in front of the home will attract more attention than signs. Remember you are setting the scene like a Movie premiere
    • Agents should have a card table and chairs at every open house.
      • You want to create a barrier near the front door, like a ticket collector in a theatre. People should not be allowed to walk directly into the home.
        • You are a professional. You are in charge.  You wouldn’t leave your own front door open for just anyone to walk in, why would you do that at your client’s home?
        • Sometimes the answer is no. Signing in is the least a visitor can do, if they do not want to sign in do not let them in. Think long term.  If they are not doing to play nice now do you really want to work with them as a buyer client?
      • On the table should be:
        • A clipboard with a sign-in sheet. (The best practice is to use a landing page from your website or an app on your computer to do it. I have found people are more likely to complete it on a PC or tablet and the writing is legible)
        • Have a sign in an acrylic sign holder stating “Seller requests all visitors to sign in.
        • Place another sign in an acrylic holder with the wording “Don’t forget to ask us about our other  properties not yet on the market!”
        • A third sign and holder should have legal declarations that might be required (such as
        • 12 clipboards with surveys and pens.


  • 1 hour prior to Mega Open

    • PREPARING FOR THE SCENE -Lights, camera, Action
      • Before the start of the Mega Open House Set the Scene – lights in every room and closet should be turned on, soft music (think music that you hear in a store) should be turned on, internal doors open, curtains pulled back, blinds open, and windows open (weather permitting).
        • Hide prescriptions, money, guns, jewelry, Wi-Fi passwords, financial information and passwords, and any expensive items that could fit in purses or pockets.
        • Have information that will be of use to potential buyers regarding the marketplace. Articles from local sources are best but include articles from major real estate news outlets.
        • Always have company info. And materials necessary for a buyer or listing consultation.
        • Remember you are the professional here, act and dress the part of a successful real estate agent. Always be positive and polite. d positive.
      • DO NOT BE ON YOUR CELL PHONE. (Stand Up and Engage with them).


  • How to have every Open House Lead to give you Contact Information at your Mega Open House:

    • Many visitors will give you made-up information or scribble on a sign-in sheet, so the information is not legible. (Using a laptop or tablet for sign in eliminates some of this.)
  • Using state of the art technology such as a sign-in app or landing pages specific to the open house will help position you as a professional
      • The primary reason you have people sign-in is to position yourself as the one in charge.
      • The secondary reason is to collect their contact information.
        • Use the open house to get to know the prospects that are there. Ask if they would be kind enough to fill out a survey as they walk through the home so that you can share the information with the seller.
        • Do this immediately after they sign in, with the survey and clipboard in hand.
      • After the visitor has toured the home and is heading back to the front door intercept them and retrieve the survey. Quickly look at the survey trying to spot something that is rated less than a “10”, then ask:
        • “I see you rated the floorplan at a “5”…what would have to be changed for you rate it a “10”?
        • They might respond: “We need a bathroom downstairs.”
        • “That’s great; I am happy you shared that with me because I do know of another home in this area that does have a bathroom downstairs. Why don’t I send you the information on that home? What is the best email for you? Great, and let me get your phone number as well so I can confirm that you receive my e-mail. What’s the best number to reach you at?
    • Survey at Open
      • As you preview this home, please review the following items on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 indicates where the most improvement is needed, and 10 indicates that no improvement is needed. Please circle your response
      • Condition Of The Interior:
        • 2 3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
      • Condition Of The Exterior:
        • 2 3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
      • Location Of The Home:
        • 2 3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
      • Upgrades In The Home:
        • 2 3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
      • Floor Plan:
        • 2 3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
      • Price:
        • 2 3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
      • I am looking to buy in :
        • 1-3 months 3-6 months      6-9 months      9-12+ months
      • I am looking to sell in:
        • 1-3 months 3-6 months      6-9 months      9-12+ months


  • Some useful Scripts

    • (I)We don’t want to sign in:
      • I can understand it is just that I told the seller I would register everyone that toured their home. Smile as you point towards the sign-in and say. “It lets them know I’m doing my job.”
    • (I)We still don’t want to sign in:
      • I assure you I do not want to spam you. I’m sure you can appreciate why any home-owner would require us to track all visitors in their home.
    • I’m(We’re) still not signing in:
      • I am sorry to hear that because that means I will not be able to let you view this home. Could you tell me how did you find out about the open house? Are you looking to sell your home at this time? (Prequalify and convert!)


  • Making the Most of the Downtime During Your Mega Open House

      • Reach out to sphere of influence, recent contact, or people that visited the open house earlier. E-mail, text or handwritten note – STAY OFF YOUR PHONE
        • Your CRM is your most valuable source of business. — Always be learning. Listen to a webinar or take some continuing online education.
      • When things are slow at open houses, you could take online courses. When a visitor arrives simply pause what you are watching.
      • Fine-tune your expertise with social media marketing. Write a blog post, do a live tour of the home, and post it to social media.
      • Follow up with the potential buyers that did come by the open house right away. You should have their contact information so you can send them a thank them for coming. Use the thank you notes you packed the night before so you can write them right away.
      • Use that time to turn wishes into goals.
        • “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 
        • Set some foals or review ones you have,  then create plans to achieve them.  Schedule times for classes, appointments, meetings, and that occasional time-off.
        • Your goals for each month, each quarter, and year should be clearly defined and have an action plan to achieve them.
  • Right after the Mega Open House

    • Shutting down – if you opened it, then close it, if you turned it on, then shut it off, if you lit it, then extinguish it. That means, doors, lights, heat, air conditioning,  candles, etc.
    • If not your own listing contact the listing agent and tell them how the open house went.
    • Thank the sellers a handwritten note for allowing the open house.
      • Take Video at the home you showed that day. Send it to the visitors you had at the open house. Always thank them for coming to the open house.  If you held a raffle or offered a prize them the winners know.  Let everyone know you will be touching base with them soon.


  • Follow up is the key to success! (see:

    • Top prospects should get an email teaser with your information by 7PM the same day as the open house.
    • Follow up with all prospects. Conclude follow up by the following procedure: Tickler email with “Great Opportunity to Take Advantage of”


  • Day After Mega Open House

    • Call all the prospect.
      • Make certain the email you sent was received.
      • Try to close for an appointment for an Initial Buyer Consultation at the consultation get the Buyer/Broker Representation agreement signed.
          • Call, Text, Email, Repeat until you have an appointment, stop this after 20 attempts. It normally takes up to 12 attempts to get an appointment.  Do not stop after only one or two attempts


  • One under contract

    • Send every neighbor that has an FSBO, expired, canceled or withdrawn listing the MLS sheet showing pending.
      • Call back the visitors from the open house to tell them the home is under contract. Ask if they would like your assistance in finding a different home in the area. If you have signed other listing agreements from other people, you meet at the open house, let them know that as well.


  • Where to Find Open Houses:

    • Hold your own inventory open. If it is not under contract to purchase, it is available to show. End of story. A buyer that is new to the market or someone that now wants to buy that house may walk in the door.
    • Part of a team. Hold your team’s inventory open.
    • Hold a listing in your office open.
    • Still can’t find one. Look in your area, pull up the vacant listings and call the agents. 1 out of 10 will let you hold their listing open.
    • Call an FSBO and offer to hold it open:
      • Hi! My name is _________ with _____ Realty! I see that you are selling your house! The reason for my visit is NOT to list your property. May I ask you a couple of quick questions about your house? Tell me about your house? How soon do you need to move?
      • May I ask how the activity has been so far? (Showings/offers) I’m curious- If I were to bring you a buyer, would you be willing to offer a commission? You know, we are finding that in this market, Open Houses are a GREAT way to get exposure for your property. Obviously, you know, it can be little awkward to host your own Open House, right? Well, if it would be helpful, I’d be more than happy to hold your Open House for you! That way, I can professionally set it up, inform your neighbors to help find potential buyers, and I can also share all of the feedback AND list of the people that came through directly to you. Do you feel that would be beneficial?
      • If no: I can appreciate that. May I ask if anyone is helping you find your next home? If they decline: I’m glad to hear that you’re taken care of! One final thing. My true intention would be to find a buyer specifically for your property. To best serve my clients, I’d like to know of all the properties that are on the market, not just the ones in the MLS. How about we do this: Let’s take a tour of your house, and I can get a good idea to see if this property is one that my clients would be interested in. Sound good?


  • Script

    • From a seller:
      • We don’t want our listing held open.
      • I completely understand where you are coming from. Can I explain why they can be so beneficial to you? When we advertise that we are holding your listing open, it notifies all the buyers who have saved your listing as a favorite on the MLS; as well as all the web portals like Zillow, Trulia,, etc. and lets them know it’s going to be held open. This is an excellent way to urge buyers to come to see your listing. How great is it if we can group many of the showings to happen on Saturday and Sunday rather than bothering you all week with showings?

  * I have used the term Social Media to encompass the range of options available for posting and advertising.  Facebook is still the go-to option for most real estate agents.  But consider posting and advertising on other platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Foursquare
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Snap Chat
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • TikTok
  • Flickr
  • Meetup
  • Nextdoor

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Ray Stockwell very good list of tips for mega open house.

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