How to Make a Foot Spa at Home?

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Foot massage is not a new thing. People have been doing it in the past for multiple reasons, and over time, new benefits of foot massage have been found. If you get the best foot spa machine at home, you can give yourself foot massages without having to go to a massage parlor.

If your feet are aching after a long day of work or your job requires you to walk in heels all day, a foot spa is amazing for you. Other than that, getting a foot massage can also help in other aspects. This is why most massage parlors are offering this service. If you do not want to spend money on going to a massage parlor, you can get the best foot spa machine from an online store and make a spa at home.

What is a Foot Spa?

A foot spa or a foot massage involves special techniques for pressing special pressure points in the foot. The muscles and joints present in the foot are pressed, and pressure is applied in these places for alleviating pain. If you have the best foot spa machine at home, you can do this for yourself too.

Normally, a masseuse would apply pressure on these specific points. This is also referred to as acupressure. To make the environment more relaxing, aromatherapy is also done. With relaxing music  48V Lithium battery and essential oils, the foot massage is made even more relaxing.

What is a Foot Spa Bath?

The best foot spa machine comes in the form of a foot spa bath. This bath is actually a bucket which has room to fit your feet. This bath would shoot water along with massaging your feet. There are a lot of models, depending on the customer’s needs.

You can either put in hot water or cold water.

Warm water is suitable for certain problems while cold water is suitable for others.

Benefits of a Foot Spa

There are many benefits to a foot spa. Most of them are claims, but some have also been proved. It is said that when certain points in the foot are pressed, the body receives signals that bring many benefits.

Better Circulation

With a foot spa, the circulation in your feet improves. Most people these days are leading sedentary lives since they sit on their desk all day and work there. This does not give muscles much movement, and they tend to get stiff over time. Also, there is very little circulation when you are not moving your muscles.

A massage session improves circulation in your feet. This is especially helpful for patients of diabetes or any individual whose feet tend to get sore quickly.

Prevents Injuries

Most people thing that a foot spa or foot massage is only helpful after an injury. This is not the case. When massing is combined with exercising regularly, the muscles and joints are strengthened. This prevents further injury or muscle tear. If you have a foot spa three to five times a day, you are less likely to injure your foot.

Treats Headaches and Migraines

A foot spa is also effective in treating migraines and headaches. This was seen in a study which involved subjects that received foot massage instead of medication. After massaging, 65% of the patients had reduced symptoms. This shows that if massage is done in the right way, it can help treat headaches with  36V Lithium battery.

Alleviate PMS Symptoms

During PMS, women tend to feet sore, unhappy, and stressed; they may suffer from insomnia and have headaches. Foot massages during those days can help alleviate these symptoms

How to Deodorize your Feet?

If you wear socks all day or your feet are just very sweaty naturally, you might have an odor down there. It is very easy to get rid of this odor. All you need is:

Epsom salt

Baking soda

Peppermint oil

To make the mixture, add one cup of salt in a jar and add 2 cups of baking soda. Then, put 25 drops of peppermint oil. Shake the jar until the materials are combined. Every time you make a foot spa, just put 1/4cup of this mixture in the bath. Keep your feet soaked for 10 minutes and moisturize after drying.

Making a Foot Spa at Home

You do not have to run to the massage parlor every time your feet need some pampering. You can do it at home too. Making a foot spa and home is pretty simple. You just need to take out some time for yourself and give your feet the pampering and attention that they need to carry you around all day.

Relaxing Environment

The first step in this process is to create a relaxing environment. Traditionally, candles are lit, and soft music is played to make the environment relaxing. Keep everything that you will need during the spa close to you so that you do not have to keep getting up. These things are:





You can choose the location of the foot spa. If you want to have it in your bedroom, just make the arrangements there. If you have a good view of the living room window, you can make a foot spa there.

Preparing the Spa

The second step is actually to prepare the spa now. Take a plastic tub and fill it with warm water. Your tub must be large enough to fit your feet. If you want the experience to be better, make sure that the tub is also high. This way, the water will come up to your legs. If you have any smooth stones or marbles, you can add them to the bottom of the tub too.

Adding Oils and Salts

This step varies from person to person. You can add your favorite essential oils to the spa and put a spoon of sea salt. You may also add bubble bath solution for making bubbles. Essential oils do not only create a beautiful aroma, but they also have their own benefits.

You may add vinegar to the foot spa. Adding 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and three spoons of sea salt in your spa will reduce foot ache. You might be surprised to hear of vinegar as an addition to a foot spa. Actually, it plays a role in reducing inflammation that is leading to achy feet.

Adding some rose petals to the tub can make it look more aesthetic. To make your feet softer, add a cup of powdered milk. Once everything is in the tub, just keep you fit in it and sit on a comfortable chair. Give yourself a foot spa after cleaning your feet so that the water does not get murky or dirty.

Exfoliating your Skin

After you have soaked your feet in the water for 10 to 15 minutes, it is time to scrub. You can make a scrub at home, using the recipes given on the Internet or buy one from the store.

Scrub on the heels since this is where calloused skin mostly is. Scrub your heels and other parts of the feel using a body brush. Exfoliating removes the dead skin from your feet, especially from the cracked heels.

Moisturize the Feet

Since you may have added salts to the water bath, your feet could get dry. So, finish off your foot spa with a nice moisturizer. Pat your feet dry after exfoliating and massage lotion onto them. For a more natural option, you may use one of the following:

Jojoba oil

Body oil

Body butter

Put on socks and leave them overnight. When you wake up in the morning, your feet will be much softer and the skin much smoother.

How to Make a Foot Mask?

Just like making a foot spa at home, you can also make a foot mask at home. For this foot mask, you will need the following ingredients:

Almond oil




Mix grounded oats, few drops of almond oil and a tablespoon of honey. Add flour. If you want the mask to have a cooling effect, you can add lemon juice and cucumber to the mixture. Apply this mask to your feet and leave it for 20 minutes. Massage it in a circular motion for 2 to 3 minutes and then wash it off.

Tips for Spa at Home

You can make a foot spa at home for your own self or as a sleepover activity. Make sure everyone gets their own tub. If you are doing the spa for yourself, you can put it together three to four times a week. You do not have to perform the whole procedure every time. Simply soak your feet in water with essential oils and salts for a relaxing experience.

Keep a bucket of hot water ready so that when the water in the tub cools down, it can be replaced.

Keep a towel under the tub so that the floor does not get wet.

Couple your spa with a face mask or eye mask for a full self-care session.

Spa at Home or Spa at Salon?

This is the choice that you have to make on your own. Most people prefer to go to a salon since they can simply relax while someone else does the work. At home, you will have to prepare everything yourself until someone else is willing to give you a spa. Also, at a salon, the staff knows what they are doing, and they have the scrubs and foot masks ready. On the contrary, you have to buy or make the scrubs for a home spa.

However, you have to pay at a salon while at home, you can pretty much make a spa using things that are already present. Also, you can give yourself a special treatment at any time of the day while you may have to make an appointment for most salons. Whichever spa you choose, it is up to you and your liking. Even at home, the spa is very easy to make.




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