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Go Fly Fishing!

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 Go Fly Fishing

Most Boiseans already know that one of the best fly fishing spots in the country to check out is right in their own backyard and that’s why this activity makes it on the list of Boyle’s Boise: 52 Things to Do and See. There are so many good options for rivers within the Treasure Valley that most Fly fishermen don’t have to go very far to get into it.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a big fisherman, let alone a fly fisherman, and neither is Michael. That being said, I spent a lot of time fishing and camping in my 20’s and early 30’s, so it’s not a totally foreign activity to me. After watching a few YouTube videos and reading some other blogs about the basics of fly fishing, I actually found it to be quite relaxing and therapeutic – despite not catching anything!


In my research, I found out quite a bit about the sport, the type of fish to go after as well as the best hot spots for fly fishing, so here is a bit about what I learned:


Steelhead is a popular type of fish in Idaho and I have been told that if you want to find great spots to get this fish, use a portable fish-finder. Two kinds of steelhead exist; A-run and B-run. The A-run steelhead weighs up to six pounds while the B-run steelhead weighs up to 13 pounds. In Idaho, there is the Clearwater River and this would be an ideal place to catch steelhead using the fish-finder. Between July and December you can visit the Clearwater River to catch steelhead but be mindful of State regulations and don’t “over fish” as this is not a good idea.


Hot spots for Fishing in Idaho During Springtime


If you’re traveling in Idaho during the spring, this is an amazing time to go fishing. Start by hanging out in Lake Lowell because you’ll find fish you can actually cook and eat, like perch and catfish. Lake Lowell is not very crowded, so you can fish to your heart’s content as this is considered one of the best fishing spots in Idaho. For those who are obsessed with trout, check out Hagerman because this area is a trout hotbed. Duck Valley is another good fishing area to visit in the summer and you can catch bass and trout.


When you arrive in Idaho, you will have to pay $13.50 (resident) or $15.00 (non-resident) on the first day of fishing for a license. You may need to obtain a permit if you plan to use certain kinds of fishing tools for the trip.


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I have been living in Idaho for almost my entire life, and the Treasure Valley has been my home for more than 30 years. In addition to constantly exploring the city and all of its activities, I am also very involved in the Treasure Valley’s philanthropy scene and have been working in the Mortgage industry as a Loan Officer for more than 35 years now. Additionally, my husband Michael had a 20+ year career in Real Estate. So, if you are new to the area and looking to lay some roots for your family, get involved with some great causes, connect with like-minded people or just explore all that Boise has to offer – don’t hesitate to let me know.





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