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Commercial and Industrial - Real Estate Appraisals From $675

Real Estate Appraiser with Appraiser, Ken Rossman Cert General RZ3504

Low Cost Commercial & industrial Appraisals

 Commercial or Industrial real estate appraisals for the following Florida Counties: Palm Beach, Martin, Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe & St. Lucie From $675.00 (desktop)

I offer a relatively short form type real estate appraisal report which represents a significant cost savings over traditional lengthy narrative reports, while essentially providing the same level of research, analysis and valuation methodology - presented in a logical, easy to understand format.  It is primarily targeted for non-complex non- (mortgage) lender type assignments.

 We are a quality orientated professional independent commercial and industrial real estate appraisal firm serving Palm Beach County, Martin County, Broward County Miami/Dade Counnty and Monroe County Florida; experienced in appraising commercial / industrial properties and land throughout Palm Beach, Martin, Broward, Miami Dade, Monroe and St. Lucie Counties. 


My low cost appraisal format is not compatible with extremely complex assignments such as class A office buildings or regional shopping malls and the like. If, however, you have a small to medium size (say under 25,000 square foot gross building area freestanding retail store; small strip of stores; small industrial building (under say 35,000 square foot gross building area); gas/service station; marina; small office building; day care center; mixed use building (stores / offices / apartments); funeral homes; nursing homes; medical office buildings; restaurants; catering facilities; nurseries/garden centers; greenhouse operations; day camps; lumber yards, factories, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, refrigerated warehouses; schools; municipal buildings; churches; vacant land; leasehold; leased fee etc. I'm your guy! 


This format could ultimately save you quite a bit of money, while providing essentially the same level of usable information necessary to help you make an informed decisions.


My Format is suitable for many, if not most purposes (intended uses):  - to estimate (fair) market value or (fair) market rental value for sellers, buyers, landlords or tenants.; estate tax or settlement; Bankruptcy; Immigration (I-864 Support); gift tax; financial planning; matrimonial; pre-foreclosure/portfolio review; (private) mortgage (first mortgage, second mortgage, refinance; condemnation; Tax Grievance/Tax Appeal/certiorari; family buyout; partnership dissolution or buyout; corporate planning; guardianship, conservatorship; highest and best use analysis, retrospective appraisals, life estates, partial/minority interests, etc.


We are a quality orientated commercial and industrial real estate appraisal firm based in Boynton Beach, FL; very experienced in appraising commercial, industrial properties and land.


Accurate, Reliable, Clearly Written Real Estate Appraisal Reports By a Highly Seasoned Florida State Certified General (#RZ3504) Real Estate Appraiser.


Fast Turnaround - 4 to 8 (working) day average on non-complex commercial or industrial real estate appraisals


Fee Schedule (Commercial/Industrial): desktop: $675.00 - with on-site inspection: $1,375.00 - Mixed Use - Two to four family/w store(s) - small residential income property form [1025]  from $850.00.


We offer a 10% discount for seniors, military (active or retired) or LEO/first responders (active or retired).


Ken Rossman's Fee Schedule  http://www.eappraiser.ws/services.html


We Accept any major credit card (mechant account),

money orders and business or personal checks.




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We Service southeastern Palm Beach County, Florida



Appraising all types of real property for Over Forty Years.


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