The Jumbo Market is NOT Dead!

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Recently, I have been talking to prospective buyers who need Jumbo loans.  Apparently, their minds have all been poisoned by the media.  They are convinced that Jumbo mortgages are impossible to qualify for or will price them out of the market.


Right now, I have access to several Jumbo loan programs that are both flexible and have aggressive rates.  Its important to get the word out about this because we need people to know there are options.  I think a big part of the problem in the housing market is bad information.  Between newspapers, TV and the Internet, people are bombarded with doom and gloom.  The result is that many would be buyers are sitting on the sidelines.  Therefore, houses remain unsold and prices continue to drop.

While I completely agree that things were out of control for a while and there was a need to get back to basics, I do think there is now an unnecessary fear in the market.  The economy as a whole needs the housing market to stabilize.  Where do we start?  With good information.

So I urge anyone who is thinking about buying a home to STOP being scared off by bad news and talk to a professional.  Get the facts before you make a decision.  You may just wind up with the home of your dreams.

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