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The REI space is flooded with podcasts, online courses, YouTube channels, books, and self-proclaimed gurus. So if you’re trying to learn the basics, it can feel really overwhelming. 


I asked established REIs in the space to share the exact resources they used to learn. So here they are, in no particular order…


Erik, the creator of Sero Developments learned through:


  • Bigger Pockets. “It’s great DIY and free information to begin those preliminary steps. Listening to their podcast in the car is what began me on my journey.”


Andrew, Ozark House Buyers and 806 House Buyers learned through:


  • Local REIA Group. When we began investing, the first thing we did was join our local REIA group. We showed up early and stayed late for every meeting. We met every active investor in the area and tried to learn as much from them as possible. We soon attended a real estate seminar. Afterward, we immediately implemented what was taught. 

  • Bigger Pockets podcast

  • Simple Wholesaling podcast

  • Flip Nerd podcast

  • Books: Traction, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Deep Work, Never Split the Difference

  • Seminars: Ron Legrand Quick Start, Robyn Thompson, every one day event the REIA hosted

  • Masterminds: Organized Brilliance Mastermind, Collective Genius


Claudine, creator of Austin All Cash learned through:


  • My brother Geremy Heath from Texas All Cash Home Buyers. He was our original source of real estate investment knowledge - he coached and mentored my husband and I. Geremy himself always worked with coaches and mentors - who we also worked with directly - including Tim Taylor, The Collective Genius and Michael Nitti.


Stephen and Gayle who co-run Eagle Home Buyers learned through:

  • Vena Jones-Cox, real estate mentor. “Over the years, we took a few courses with different real estate gurus but found one that we really resonated with and decided to follow her methodology. Vena Jones-Cox is honest, has a plethora of courses available, and is just a really great person. She always under promises and over delivers, exactly how we want to be known.”


Fred,  owner of Tyto Homebuyers learned through:


  • Books: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and The Art of the Deal

  • Coaches/mentors: Jon Martinez and Grant Cordone


Anthony, owner of Sky Equities, learned through:


  • Working for another company in 2004.

  • Real world: talking to others, and actually doing deals.

  • Trainings through local REI experts in home State.


As you can see, there’s a pretty broad sampling of resources. Sure, lots learned through the online mediums we think of (Bigger Pockets, videos, etc.) but I was also surprised how many tapped into local coaches, or got “offline” experience.


Hopefully, this helps give you a broad set of ideas if you’re interested in diving in.



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