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So many successful people who have become self-made, talk a lot about being a bootstrapper like Donald Trump. I really wouldn’t consider the President a bootstrapper but who can argue with Donald Trump.


My point is that it’s hard being self-made. People like us hear “no” repeatedly. Not only that but our family members fail to believe in us. Our friends laugh at us and others point fingers at us in judgment.


Making it requires not only skill and talent, but also perseverance and emotional intelligence to fight through all the difficult times. Therefore, when someone that started on the bottom becomes successful, they may dislike giving back to their communities or their families.


But not I. I am in pursuit of a mission to create affordable housing to my community. I’m giving all my talents, skills, experience, and education to this effort. I need all of you behind me-whether you hate me, like me, love me, admire me, or could care less.


I am asking my social media community -humbly- to Please Share this blog post and/or the following link below.



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I've worked so hard over the past several years to overcome adversity and challenges. But through faith and perseverance I have become a Real Estate Developer. I can serve my community, provide jobs, affordable housing, and most of all HOPE!


We all, I included, share cat videos, food post, quotes, jokes, pranks, and celebrity gossip.


Why not share a post about hope and faith?


I'm only asking to support a fierce woman that's on a mission to change the face of Philadelphia's real estate development community and in turn change the faith of inner-city families, veterans, disabled, homeless, and the hopeless to give an opportunity for a better life.


I'm asking for you to share this post so that I can have an opportunity to encourage, inspire, and motivate the young, the old, and the forgotten.

Please share this post like it was a baby talking video or a cute cat video

Help me, help others!