CRM Usage = Sustainable Broker Profitability

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CRM Usage = Sustainable Broker Profitability

  CRM usage is the foundation sustaining broker profitability according to a WAV Group released it’s 2019 CRM Effectiveness Study to 71,581 brokers nationwide.  The findings show that Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are becoming more the norm.


CRMs are becoming more the norm

More than 66% of brokers responding to the survey provide their agents with one or more CRM solutions

Revenue Generation

Six out of ten brokers responding say that CRM software improves their bottom line, in terms of revenue generation.

Recruiting and retaining agents

Four out of ten broker respondents felt that CRMs are beneficial to their recruiting and retention strategies

Powerful technology

The identified that brokers think that CRM software is a powerful marketing tool based on the ability of the software to inspire uniform sales activity at every stage of the sales process

At the Foundation of Broker’s solutions is a CRM

Almost one-third of all brokers responding to the survey feel that CRM training is a top priority.  By using a CRM as, “…the heart of the system around which everything else orbits.” Brokers feel that if agents have a strong lead generation mechanism that feeds into a CRM, and the agents work the CRM, “… close transactions.”

Some Benefits of A CRM

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