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Utah's smartest homebuyers have found the best way to buy a home is to make sure the agent working for them, works ONLY for them! At Homebuyer Representation, our agents work 100% for YOU, the homebuyer and never for the seller.

In Utah, the Seller's Agent is required to get the Seller the best price and terms. Think about why hiring an Exclusive Buyer's Agent (EBA) is the smart way to start your homebuying experience:

  • Can the Seller's Agent prepare a market analysis for you and recommend you make an offer below the listing price?
  • Will the Seller's Agent recommend you ask the Seller to pay your closing costs or ask the Seller to make repairs?
  • Will they do their best to negotiate with the Seller on your behalf and get them to accept your contract?
  • Will the Seller's Agent show you ALL the ways you can protect yourself if you discover something that reveals the home to be a bad deal?
  • Will the Seller's Agent help you cancel the contract if necessary, and work to protect your interests while doing so?

By law, the Seller's Agent cannot do any of the above. Their obligation is to the Seller and to get the best deal for the seller. If you contact the Seller's Agent to write an offer on a home they have listed you will either be treated as a customer or the agent will attempt to become a Dual Agent, supposedly sharing their loyalty with both you and the seller. This could leave you with very few ways out of your contract if issues over the home purchase arise. Even a Transaction Coordinator cannot give you advice that will protect you, your dollars or your best interests.

Our firm belief is this: SMART HOMEBUYERS will hire an Exclusive Buyers Agent to represent their best interests. You need someone on YOUR side working to save you money and to get the best outcome for you.

Homebuyer Representation, Inc. is one of THE ONLY EXCLUSIVE BUYER BROKERAGES IN THE STATE OF UTAH. There are companies that pretend to be Exclusive Buyer Brokerages. However, if they list homes, practice dual-agency and represent Sellers, they are not Exclusive Buyer Agencies. At Homebuyer Representation, we NEVER represent sellers - only BUYERS - ONLY YOU!

Exclusive Buyers Agents do not list homes and will not ask you to limit your level of representation. They will be 100% on your side during the transaction, representing YOU, negotiating on YOUR behalf and protecting YOUR interests.Smart Home Buyers

  • Do you have excellent credit?
  • Do you plan to purchase a $400,000+ home within 60 days?
  • Do you have a good down payment, or are you paying cash for your next home?
  • Do you want an agent on YOUR side throughout your transaction?
  • Do you have questions about buying a home in the Salt Lake area?

Don't leave things to chance. Get YOUR OWN agent!

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