5 Top Work From Home Jobs for Moms

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With today's technology it is insanely easy to create a business from home. The hard part is not the technology, it's standing out in the crowd. Here are the five best stay at home jobs for moms that are affordable to start and can bring in a good income. 


1. Blogging

Learning how to start a blog can pay off exponentially. You can either grow your own blog into a business, or build blogs for small businesses. Creating and marketing content online is a valuable skill, and one that will increase in demand as more and more small businesses move online. 


2. Freelancing

If you have graphic design skills, proofreading powers or you're an email inbox ninja, you can offer your freelance services. Over the next few years, more than 1/2 of the American workforce will be flexible workers. 


3. Funnel Experts

Any online business can benefit from a solid sales funnel. If you know how to use online tools such as Kartra, ClickFunnels or Wordpress, you can build high converting funnels. Businesses will pay well if you have the ability to bring them more sales. 


4. Graphic Design

Ah, I love this recommendation for moms! We spend a lot of our time drawing, creating and playing with our children. We're reading colorful books and watching fun shows. If you have a bit of graphic design experience you can offer that as a service to large websites. Or you can sell your digital work on marketplaces and collect royalties. 


5. Photography

One of my favorite recommendations for moms to make money from home is to offer photography services. Families and friends are always looking for a professional photographer for events such as weddings, births and graduations. If you have a DSLR, you have a business.


I've done all five of these work from home jobs for moms. My favorite by far is blogging with a close second being photography. If you have an internet connection, you can build a profitable business online. 



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