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16 PR Distribution Hacks for Real Estate

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16 PR Distribution Hacks for Real Estate

ZipperAgent.com has collected a list of 16 PR Distribution Hacks for Real Estate to help you get noticed.  We all know that publishing quality content is one of the best ways to get people to visit your website.  As The Balance puts it, “Content isn’t just king;  it’s the whole court. Give your customers a reason to visit…” One way to publish content that is often overlooked is a press release. Press releases can be used by real estate brokers, teams, and agents for a variety of things: “1. Announcement launch of New Events ( like seminars, parties, prize events)

  1. Business News and Corporate Announcements (announcement of a new product, new company members, finance)
  2. Science, Research and Technology related news
  3. Advances in Medicine, Computers, etc..”


  • First time home buyer seminar = press release
  • New hire = press release
  • Deployment of new software = press release
  • New Office = press release

I think you are getting the idea. For some helpful tips on how to write a press release and what makes a good press release, click here.  You can also look at the ZipperAgent website for some examples of press releases. Now for the hacks where you can get your Press Releases distributed.  

24-7PressRelease.com   - Free ad-support and release distribution.

1888PressRelease.com – With this service, you get a distribution service for free.  Paid services will give you permanent achieving and better placement.

ClickPress.com – This service will distribute to sites such as Google News, and Topix.net Gold level will get you access to additional distribution.

EcommWire.com - Focuses on e-commerce, there is a requirement that you include 3 keywords, links, and an image.

Express-Press-Release.com – This is a free distribution company with offices in multiple states

Free-Press-Release.com – Simple press release for free and more features for a paid account.

Free-Press-Release-Center.info – This company offers a webpage with one keyword link to your site and free distribution of your press release. The Pro upgrade will provide you with permanent archiving, three links, and other features.

I-Newswire.com – This will allow for free distribution to search engines and sites; the premium membership allows graphics to be added as well.

NewswireToday.com – Premium services will allow for product picture and logo in addition to the distribution allowed by the free service.

PR.com – A free account will allow you to distribute press releases and job postings.  A paid account has other options, including a full company profile.

PR9.net – This service offers free press release distribution that is supported by paid advertisers.

PR-Inside.com – This is a European-based service that distributes press releases, at least your first one, for free.

PRBuzz.com – Paid services are available the complement this free distribution service to search engines, news sites, and blogs.

PRUrgent.com – Free distribution of your press release with a paid feature to have it professionally reviewed prior to distribution.

PRLog.org - Free press release and press room hosting, free distribution to search engines. The paid service offers discounted press release distribution to news websites and journalists.

TheOpenPress.com – Profession website that requires certain standard be adhered to such as newsworthiness.

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