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Top Beaches in Santa Cruz, California

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Beaches in Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz, like many other cities in California, offers beautiful beaches facing the Pacific Ocean. These beaches provide ideal family-friendly outing opportunities where you can enjoy sunny days with family or friends. If you are planning to go out, our post offers a helpful guide on excellent options you can consider visiting.

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Seacliff State Beach

Seacliff is the perfect getaway if you're looking for a quiet place to relax on the beach. The narrow stretch features beautiful cliffsides with fantastic ocean views and a lovely pier with various shops and restaurants. The beach is pet-friendly with areas you can have your dogs run around and have fun.


Main Beach and Cowell Beach

Main Beach and Cowell Beach are two beaches on the opposite ends of the Santa Cruz Municipal Pier. Aside from the public shorelines families visiting the area can go to the nearby Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk which features an amusement park, stores, restaurants, and other outdoor attractions.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach, as the name implies, offers fantastic sunset views and a 1.5-mile shoreline offering amazing panoramic scenery of the ocean. There are ample activities you can enjoy at the beach that include specialty enthusiast activities such as gliding, fishing, and more.

Check out our original blog post at https://ambermelenudo.com/.


Capitola Beach

Capitola Beach is a lovely beach known for its colorful boardwalk with attractive and uniquely painted buildings. The festive shops and cottages offer ample activities for visitors aside from the many outdoor activities on the beach.


Lighthouse Field State Beach

For adventurous individuals, the best option is Lighthouse Field State Beach famous for its excellent surfing spots. Surfers will love the rich history of the city and the amazing waves on the beach. There's a paved pathway going to the lighthouse with beautiful views of the ocean.

Waddell Creek Beach

Wadell Creek Beach is another excellent option for surfers looking for a spot to ride waves. The strong surf and winds provide ample opportunity for other exciting water activities such as kite surfing and windsurfing.


Check out our original blog post at https://ambermelenudo.com/.

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