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This change has been taking place for years in other parts of the country. Some parts it has not hit yet. However in Mississippi,the craftsman cottage look is here to stay. This means more wood trim on the exterior. Metal shed roofs over porches. In many cases painted brick. Obviously, there are hundreds of variations of this style, but, in any size/price range, this is what the buyers are flocking to. All of the newer floorplans are open. In a few cases, I've had potential buyers who don't want open floor plans. They will have to buy an existing home that was built in 2014 or earlier. At the same time, the average buyer doesn't want to see the kitchen sink from the front door. There are other amenities that have become popular due to HGTV, Pinterest, etc.. Barn doors (Doors that slide on runners), Ship lap siding show up a lot. White quartz countertops, or something like that adorn many kitchens and baths. The colors are Grays and whites and there are hundreds of possibilities using the gray and white theme or variations thereof. Free standing bath tubs are showing up all over. You didn't see those for 60 years or more. They're back! Chrome fixtures abound. For years, you didn't see chrome except for service stations, restaurants or motel restrooms. In addition, for those interested in buying a new construction home, these homes are much more energy efficient than their predacesors. Tankless water heaters, more efficient HVAC systems, even the refrigerators are more energy efficient. Some builders, like Kirkalnd Development, have chosen to go with a new roofing system, which is guaranteed to withstand windspeeds up to 130 MPH and guaranteed to not have the black algae growth for the life of the shingles. Even the new toilets use less water! Things are changing in our business rapidly!

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