7 Small Business Ideas for Women

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The best seven small business ideas for women are business blogging, freelancing, digital product creator, graphic designer, social media manager and ecommerce. 


Owning and operating one of these small business ideas for women has been an extremely successful endeavor that has provided my family a steady, consistently growing income. 


Additionally, it’s allowed for both me and my husband to stay home and raise our children. If you are determined to find a way to work from home online, any one of these small business ideas can work for you. First, I’ll briefly introduce you to what it is that I do. 


My successful small business venture is owning and operating a blog (multiple blogs now). A blog for business is a website that is built and operated with the purpose of making money. It’s much more than writing about your life’s passions and it isn’t a personal diary. 


Bloggers utilize a multitude of methods for monetizing their blogs including running ads, using affiliate links, selling products, offering services, coaching, consulting, and teaching courses. The blogging industry has a variety of niches that prove profitable every year including parenting, travel, food, health, fitness, beauty, and lifestyle blogs. 


Other small business ideas for women are to be a graphic designer, or digital product creator. Digital product creators are artistic innovators who create and sell an assortment of different digital products online. Unlike physical products, digital products typically take much less time and resources to produce. It doesn’t require a lot of fancy tools, materials, or even the know-how, to get started making digital products. 


Do you have any opinions, talent, testimony, passion, or knowledge to share with the world? Then that is your digital product! All you need is the drive, a little creative ingenuity, and a computer to embrace these small business ideas for women.



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susanna Whitford very good report about small business ideas for women.

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