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How To Get A Florida Real Estate License

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There are three steps to getting a Florida real estate license:

  1. Fill out an application and get your fingerprints taken
  2. Attend real estate school
  3. Pass the state exam

Fill Out The Application

The first two steps can be completed in any order, but I usually recommend that people submit their application to the state before they go to school. Here’s why… when you submit your application and fingerprints to the state, it takes them a few weeks to approve you to take the state exam. If you have a criminal history, it might take a little longer. You don’t want to get into a situation where you have finished class and are ready to take the state exam, you are just waiting for the state to say you can.


If you send your application to the state first, you should be approved by the time you class is finished.


So what’s involved in the application? You can complete it online or you can send it snail mail. The advantage to doing it online is that you can pay with a credit card. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any difference which one you use.


A few things to know about the application…

  1. The name and address you put on the application needs to be the same name and address that is on your government-issued photo ID.
  2. There are four questions about your criminal history. Read them carefully before you answer them. In fact, you might want to read this other post before you answer them.

After you send in your application, you need to get your electronic fingerprints done. Even if you have had your fingerprints done for some other license, you have to get them done for this license. There are several options as to where you can do this, but I always recommend Pearson Vue.  Call them at 877-234-6106. I do not benefit from recommending them. I recommend them because I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem with them.  The fingerprints always get sent to the correct place.


Attend Real Estate School

Step two (or it could be step one) is to attend real estate class. This is a 63-hour class that is offered in-person or online. If you want to take it with me, I’m at Demetree School of Real Estate in Orlando. You have to pass the class test with a 70% to get a certificate.


Take the State Exam

Step three is to register and take the state exam. You will not be able to register until you are approved by the state of Florida. In other words, when you look yourself up on myfloridalicense.com, it says “eligible for exam”. Once it says that, you can register for the exam at Pearson Vue.


You need a 75% on the state exam to get your license. If you are having trouble passing the exam, we offer a review class at Demetree School of Real Estate.


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