Roof Repair Minneapolis Company Tips For Identifying Damaged Roofs

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Roof Repair Minneapolis Company Tips For Identifying Damaged Roofs

A roof can protect your household and valuables from harsh weather conditions and other outside elements. A roof can also increase the value and curb appeal of your property. However, you can only experience all of these things if you’re using a functional roof. Continually using a damaged roof can only lead to injuries, accidents, and expenses. 

No matter how expensive your roof is, you’ll need to hire professionals who offer roof repair in Minneapolis and other parts of the world. 

Ticking any of the signs listed below is your “go signal” to immediately hire a professional roof repair company:

1.    The Shingles In Your Roof Are Curled Or Cracked

Shingles provide strength and durability to your roof. The stronger your shingles are, the stronger your roof is. Seeing curled or cracked shingles can usually mean that your shingles’ lifespan is about to end. This is one of the most obvious signs that you should hire a roof repair company. 

2.    The Shingles In Your Roof Are Dark, Dirty, Or Wet

Your roof should protect your household and valuables from the elements outside, not become the reason why moisture will enter your home. Dark, dirty, or wet shingles can mean that your roof is no longer doing its purpose. 

Once left untreated, wetness from one area of your roof can damage more shingles and can become the reason why your roof will eventually leak. 
3.    You Found Shingle Granules In Your Gutters

Aside from checking your roof for any missing shingles, it’s important to check your gutters, as well. Doing the latter can help you assess the condition of your roof. 

If you’re using asphalt or composite shingles and seeing granules in your gutters, you might be in trouble. Loose granules can usually mean that your shingles and roof are already weak. 

4.    You See Stains On Interior Ceiling And Walls 

Checking if your roof needs any kind of repair doesn’t always require climbing your roof. You can still assess the condition of your roof even when you’re only staying indoors. Looking for any stains in your interior ceiling and walls is a good start. 

Water stains and discoloration can usually mean that your roof’s underlayment already has moisture.

5.    You See Leaks In Your Attic

Seeing leaks in your attic and ceiling means that your roof needs immediate repair. This is especially true if your area was recently hit by heavy rains and thunderstorms. 

Over time, a small leak in your attic or ceiling can become the reason why the valuables stored in your home will be soaked or damaged. 

6.    You’re Seeing Light In Your Attic

Similar to having leaks in your attic, seeing streaks of light in your attic can mean that your roof should be repaired and replaced. The same openings in your roof that allow water to enter your attic are the same openings that can allow light to enter. 

7.    Your Roof Is Sagging

All of your family members should be safe whenever they’re indoors. They should be free from any type of accidents and injuries when they’re at home. However, when you have a sagging roof, your family won’t be able to experience any of these. 

On the contrary, a sagging roof can even become the reason why your family will be harmed inside the home, especially when kids are living with you.

8.    You’re Paying Higher Energy Bills

If you suddenly noticed that your energy bills are skyrocketing, a damaged roof might be the culprit. 

Whenever your roof has a hole, no matter how small it is, your HVAC system will have to work twice as much. This can result in higher energy bills even if you own the same amount of appliances and use these in the same frequency.

9.    You’re Seeing Rodents In Your Attic Or Ceiling 

Seeing raccoons and squirrels outdoors can be cute. However, when you’re seeing these rodents in your attic and ceiling, be wary. 

This can usually mean that your roof has bigger holes and rodents have used these as their entry points. These unwanted critters can damage your valuables inside and can even feed on other areas of your roof. 

Knowledge Is Power

When hiring a roof repair company, take the time to scout for options. If possible, ask quotes from at least three roof repair companies and compare their services and costs. 

The more information you have about a particular roof repair company, the easier it’ll be for you to choose. 


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