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Time and again, we’ve heard our clients say how difficult it was for them to finally take that leap and hire a Virtual Assistant. Not only is the thought of delegating scary, but the fact that you are hiring someone across the world, who is not physically with you, these things can seem daunting. We know how important your business is to you and you may be clinging on to the belief that nobody else can do things the way that you do. However, think about the time you spend on the non-revenue tasks in your business. At the end of the day, are you working IN your business, or ON it?

We know how easy it is to let your leads fall to the side and fade away because prospecting, following-up etc. can be tedious. Yet you need someone who is consistently on top of it all because you do not want to feel the dread an empty pipeline brings. A Virtual Assistant can take on the duties of a Real Estate ISA and ensure that your pipeline is always flowing.

MyOutDesk has your back! We’ve been working with real estate entrepreneurs like you for 11 years and we have been part of the success of over 5,000 clients! First, we take care of the tedious hiring process for you and only present candidates that match your profile. 

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