Rising Traffic and Irate Tenants (Plus July Income Report)

Industry Observer with About Social Anxiety

It's been a fun few weeks! They ended in the last few days with traffic to my blog more than doubling, which is quite exciting. I went from around 200 sessions per day to 500 sessions. I will share a few things I did that I think may have helped.

The other thing that happened in July was a little kerfuffle with one of my rental properties. Have you ever gotten stuck in a triangle between your tenants, your property manager, and you? I normally do not have contact with the tenants, although at one time I managed the properties myself. When I had kids, it became too much, and so I found the property manager.

Long story short, I ended up at the property dealing an angry tenant on my birthday. Not fun! What's the lesson learned? I'm not too sure. In this case, it was an issue with repairs needing to be done to the building. I'd love to hear your stories about how you deal with this stuff if it happens.

Anyhoo...back to blogging. So why did my traffic go so high? I did a few different things that I think helped.

  • I started posting every day.
  • I made second and third pins for Pinterest for posts that were doing well.
  • I started purchasing my pin images inside Canva instead of using free ones.

If you'd like to know more about why I did any of those things I'm happy to share. And if you're not sure what I'm talking about, I run the blog About Social Anxiety. Here is one of my posts: Celebrities with Social Anxiety

Ok. On to the income report!

I'm actually thinking about putting my account here on hold and posting these reports on my main blog instead. This account is quite costly, and I just don't find that I'm using it often enough. Basically, it will take forever to earn my free account. So it this is the last income report or post that you see from me here, just head over to About Social Anxiety to see how I've progressed.



Pageviews: 9529

Sessions: 7346

Users: 6545

Mailing List Subscribers: ~585 

Pinterest Followers: ~475

Pinterest monthly viewers: 390k

Facebook Followers: ~4906

Twitter Followers: ~3026

Instagram Followers: ~89

Posts published: 10

(The following are according to SEMRUSH)

Organic search: 404

Backlinks: 300

Organic keywords: 911


Advertising (Media.net): $7.85 (I moved my sidebar to the left, and added these ads in the middle of posts)

Advertising (Infolinks): $0.64 (I've still been fiddling with this one. I tried adding text links but did not like how it was on my sales pages and sidebar and could not figure out how to remove)

Amazon: $10.26 (I took part in Amazon Prime day promotion)

Products: $9.49 (from my tripwire product on Teachable)

Total income: $28.24

Monthly expenses:

Email (Convertkit): $29 

Tailwind: $14.99 

Keysearch: $13.60

Active Rain: $39 

Total expenses: $96.59

Net blog income: -$68.35 (I'm getting closer to not losing money!)

Note: I'm not including any blogging courses that I purchased here. I think this month I purchased one workbook for $20.

So, my income rose from last month and my expenses stayed the same. Let's hope this pattern continues!


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