Find Out How You Can Get The Best Deal On A New Home

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You want to buy a new home in Northern Virginia, and you want to know that you have gotten the best deal possible.  


Erick Blackwelder has helped over 300 nice folks like you purchase new homes over the past 30 year.  Erick's clients got the best prices, the best terms, and the most concessions possible.  How can Erick make this claim?  Erick started his real estate career as an on-site agent for Fairfield Homes, Inc. of Woodbridge, Virginia.  His wife's side of the family has been involved with new homes sales, production, and upper management over the past 30 years.  When Erick is negotiating on behalf of a buuyer, he bypasses the on-site agent, and reaches out to the person who can say, "Yes" to the terms, the Division Manager, or the Area Vice President.



If you want a new home, and you are thinking you can get an aweseome deal buying a new home alone, without an agent, consider this...  Erick has successfully negotiated over 300 terrific deals for nice folks like you over the past 30 years.  How many terrific new homes deals have you successfully negotiated over the past 30 years?

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