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St Louis MO: CP 2000 Letter. Are you are being audited?

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 I represent taxpayers in the greater St. Louis area and the state of Missouri. New IRS leadership is intent on narrowing the tax gap and audits on are the rise. Most audits these days are being done by mail instead of a live person. Hence a correpondence audit to the return based on the discrepancy. Are you really being auditied. No. These are proposed changes. Still time to act. The IRS gives you a response date. The CP 2000 serves as both an intial request for infomation and proposing the change in the tax.

What do you do? Commuicate with the IRS. You have 30 days to agree or disagree. If you ignore the IRS they will make the changes to the return.If you don't reply you are sent a Statutory Notice of  Deficiency which is the 90 day letter. After the 90 days you can't request an appeals conference. 

Options to deal with the problem if unresolved. 

1. Appeal the decision if done in a timely manner.

2. Another form of appeal is make a request for a  refund with the IRS with an amended return.

3. Tax Court.

If you or someone else you know are having IRS issues please feel free to call me @636-397-2759, (c) 636--866-4554 or email me @steveshapiroea@gmail.com.

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