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HELOC's & Real Estate Closings, DO YOU KNOW. [Housing]

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In the Real Estate industry there are so many options and parts to the puzzle. A Home Equity Line of credit is a great product, however as a Title Insurer it can be a challenge when it comes to a closing on a home that currently has one. HELOCs are open lines of credit on a property, and Homeowners usually have a check book or credit card to access their equity while living in the home. When they go to sell their home, these lines are supposed to be FROZEN. They are not supposed to be accessed in order that payoffs are up to date and accurately closed off. Unfortunately, some folks have even used these lines as the down payment for their future home, causing headaches and claims on Title. In order to address this, updated underwriting is being requested, and payoffs on these should be within three days of closing.

As a Vice President for Ticor Title, I have been in the industry since 2002 & I have seen the best, & worst of markets. If have found it be imperative to lock in on our industry needs to be a true asset for our clients in varying capacities. Gone are the days of being able to be an order taker, or solely an entertainer! In our industry pricing and product does not separate us much, however, it is truly about a few key points, knowledge, professionalism, & sustainability! It is imperative that we set ourselves apart, and that is what my team & I do.
Client First…
Do what you say, and say what you do.
I have learned through the years that almost every file is unique, and that our transactions do not close in a vacuum. Having a solid team has been imperative to our continued success!
We are where our clients are, and focus on adding value to each and every transaction! We believe in getting involved in our professional associations and communities. We add to extensive knowledge and resourcefulness to our X factor. At the end of the day, we are truly competing with ourselves

We believe that we can provide our clients insight & value that help us both win. We do this by saving time, money & closing more transactions. We believe that we are the best in the biz, we are an asset to all that work with and will in the future!

We are your resource for all things real estate related! NO QUESTION is too big or small!

Another key for us is training and education! Please know that we have monthly scheduled trainings, and we can do one on one, small group, and in-office training classes! Ask for a list of classes we can do for you and your team!

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