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How to get rid of a IRS or Mississippi Tax Lien

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If you find yourself on the receiving end of an IRS tax lien, you’ll soon find the IRS takes a very firm stance, which can cause issues for the taxpayers. In general, the IRS will not remove an IRS tax lien without prompt action for the taxpayer, and in the meantime, the taxpayer's credit score and other economic factors will feel the brunt of the lien. An IRS tax lien can be removed under certain circumstances, but most will revolve around whether the IRS has a likelihood of collection tax revenue. The IRS has done its research, and the IRS knows that a tax lien is one of the best options for the IRS to collect a tax debt.  If you find yourself in this situation, then you should consider consulting a Mississippi tax attorney.


One way in which to deal with an IRS tax lien is to explore whether you can obtain a lien subordination, discharge assets from the tax lien, and/or having the tax lien withdrawn. Each of these options will have to be evaluated against the taxpayers unique situation, but in most cases, the property can still be sold with an IRS tax lien attached to the property. But you have to know the IRS will be involved in the process. 


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