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How we settle tax debt with the IRS, from a Mississippi tax attorney

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As a tax attorney in Ridgeland, Mississippi, we work with Mississippi residents to resolve both civil and criminal tax debt cases. I’m just going to give you an overview of what a typical collections case might look like and the process I use to resolve a tax debt case with the IRS. 


  • Our first step is to figure out what the IRS already knows about you.  We want to know what the IRS knows; we’re going to investigate your tax transcripts.  We will check past W2s, 1099s, notices from the IRS, statute of limitations issues, bankruptcy options, and several other timelines, the whole gamut.   What we can find in this initial investigation is going to drive the rest of your case, so it is essential to get as much info on the front end as we possibly can. 
  • Step 2 is to make sure you are in compliance. You’re just spinning your wheels trying to resolve a case until the taxpayer is “current and compliant.” What this phrase means is, are you withholding enough tax throughout the years so that you are not adding to the balance.  The IRS isn’t going to play ball if six months from now you’ve created a new debt.  So that means we have to make sure all the necessary returns have been filed, the current period taxes are being paid or appropriately withheld, and we’re not going to waste our effort resolving the prior tax issues.
  • Step 3 is getting the TP into compliance, if we’re already withholding and filing correctly then we can move on to resolving the debt, but if that’s not the case then we’re going to work on your past returns, adjust your withholdings, whatever we need to do to get you “current and compliant”.
  • Our next step is to determine what is your cash flow, what assets and debts do you have, and these figures will lead us to decide which avenue we have to settle your case. Can you pay the bill in full?  If not, then there are a few different options, maybe it’s a payment plan, perhaps it’s a partial payment plan where you pay monthly until the statute of limitations expires.  Or you may be placed in hardship status were you pay nothing each month until things improve or the statute of limitations expires.  Maybe your situation calls for an offer in compromise, and we can settle your debt for a reduced offer. And of course, we’re going to look at the penalties and determine if abatement is an option for you.

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