Why Choose a Seniors Real Estate Specialist?

Real Estate Agent with Thornwall Properties, Inc.


The needs of senior home sellers and buyers are different from those of younger home sellers and buyers.  For those selling their long term homes, there are frequently emotional issues.  It is hard for them to think about moving away from the place that has been so important to them for so long.  Many have a very difficult time making the decision to move and, once they decide, the whole process seems over-whelming.  They just can’t get started with organizing and especially eliminating the unnecessary belongings. 


Some of them have recently lost a spouse and their children want them to move closer.  Others are moving to a condo or independent living apartment at a retirement community that will be easier for them to take care of.  Others are moving to a CCRC or assisted living.


They do not need to be rushed and must be treated with respect and patience.   If you are a senior or the family member of a senior, choose a realtor who is experienced in working with seniors.  Look beyond the SRES designation (which many realtors are now obtaining) to find a realtor who understands their special needs and truly enjoys working with seniors and their families.   



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