Best Real Estate Lead Opportunity Real Estate Agents Aren't Doing

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I've written before about how the lowest hanging fruit for real estate agents is likely signing up for Google My Business.  Many searches are influenced by the searcher's location.   If you've ever searched for food you'll notice that you'll get results based on where your phone or computer is at that time.  When someone searches for a real estate agent this is the same.   Yes, people search for real estate agents

That's 22,000 searches for a real estate agent every month.  This doesn't include every variation of that request, such as best real estate agents or realtors near me.    The biggest problem is that many agents aren't even signed up here. It's a free opportunity and it doesn't take a tech genius to sign up. 

How do you get leads from Google My business? 

  1. Set up a Google My Business Profile. 
  2. Promote Your Profile. 

Rising in Google rankings and Google My Business rankings are similar yet have some difference.  

In Regular google you want:

  1. Content focused on a topic you want to rank for
  2. Links from other websites pointing your site
  3. Some optimization to your site such as page speed and architecture.

Ranking Factors For Google My Business

  1. Reviews
  2. Photos & Information About Your Business
  3. Correct Category
  4. Citations (Places where your name, address and phone number match your listings, usual directories like Yellow pages and yelp). 
  5. The proximity of the searcher to your address.

We know that one ranking factor for Google is a link and for Google My Business is a name address and phone number.  That leads me to directories.  Not all directories are worth your time but certainly, ones that are real estate specific are and other big-name ones. 

Google is taking over all the results and while this might haunt real estate agents in the future, it's something that every agent should sign up for now.   Then push for reviews from past clients (and family), get listed on a few directories and hope that the people searching for an agent are doing it near the address you gave them. 




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