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The latest statistics from the local MLS are in and take a look at those numbers! The greatest thing to note for Salt Lake County homebuyers is that, compared to last year at this time, there is more housing inventory for buyers to choose from this year. Salt Lake has been in a seller's market for the past few years. This means that there have been fewer available homes at any given time, multiple offers and bidding wars were the norm, and the median sold price was on the rise. With more homes on the market and homes taking a bit longer to sell, our clients are being able to look at more homes, take a little more time to find exactly which home fits their needs, and often get the home without getting into a bidding war, or at least competing with fewer buyers. Clients are getting homes with their first, second or third offer, rather than after an average of 4 or 5 offers. All of this is good news for the savvy homebuyer! Interest rates are also at the lowest they've been in 3 years. Now is a GREAT time to buy a home in Salt Lake County! 

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