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With the hustle, bustle, and nonstop demands in your day, efficient time management is your best friend in getting life done. A planner is a solution to your organizing needs. Plan your doctor appointments, play dates, and weekly trips to Target. Also, track habits such as spending, weight gain/loss, and more with a daily planner. So how do you choose the best planner for organizing your mom life and being the best you? Discover your ideal planning style and needs by exploring the three creative outlets below. 


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Erin Condren


My favorite customizable mastermind behind some of the best planners for moms is Erin Condren. Her life planners feature interchangeable covers and weekly layouts. Her wet-erase trackers and meal planners are ideal for time-saving alternatives to creating the same page over and over again. Additionally, she has some of the most adorable stickers, accessories, and stickers. Spending time in an Erin Condren planner each day is delightful as your first cup of morning coffee. 


Bullet Journals


Bullet journals were introduced in 2013 and have continued to grow in popularity. With hundreds of layouts and tracker ideas being created daily. Unlike pre-designed planners, bullet journals start as a blank slate and grow into a product of your imagination (and dedication). I love that these allow you to nurture your artistic side while organizing your daily tasks and responsibilities. Pinterest is a fantastic guide for touring bullet journal potential and triumphs. Visit How To Start a Super Productive Bullet Journal and get the jump on back to school schedules!


Amazon Prime


If customizing, or creating your planner is too much work, or overwhelming artistically, choose a pre-designed option and make it work for you. Use the pages that fit your schedule and turn any irrelevant into places to perform brain dumps or amazing mom-style doodles. Amazon is an excellent one-stop-shop for finding the best planners for moms. As well as, all of the coolest accessories including pens, stencils, and bookmarks. 


If time-management is a new focus in your life, maybe try one or two different methods before committing to which planning style works for you. 

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