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Have You Ever Considered Doing a Side Hustle?

Education & Training with Veronica Bettencourt

Ever think about doing a side hustle to bring in some extra money or entertain a hobby? You'd be surprised at all the options.

It's amazing how many things people could do to earn some money today - especially online.

Years ago, when I was searching online there weren't too many options but now the opportunities are endless.

It's not hard to pursue a side hustle. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home to get training for certain jobs.

See this article on real work from home jobs you can start. There are quite a few options listed there and while you read you may come up with your own ideas too!

Scopist training is readily available online and you can even train to be a bookkeeper from home if you like working with numbers and could see yourself doing this type of work.


If you just want to spend a few hours a week doing a side hustle,  doing online focus groups, which are high paying surveys, is also another great option.

I used to do surveys in the past but only applied for some that weren't very high paying. 

I wish I would have known about the focus group surveys that pay much better.


Why consider a side hustle?


Here are a few reasons:

  • make money to pay off debt
  • supplement a part-time job
  • pursue a hobby that also pays
  • make money to save for a large purchase such as a vehicle
  • to contribute to the family finances
  • unsatisfied with current employment and want to make a switch

You may come up with your own reasons, but the above reasons are quite common.


It's quite nowadays to see individuals pursuing side hustles because they are unsatisfied with their current work situation. It's smart to start small and pursue a side hustle and see where it takes you.


You never know when your side hustle may actually become a job you wish to pursue full-time!


Before starting any side hustle it's a good idea to consider a few things:


1. Will you be able to manage your time by adding a side hustle to your schedule? Time management can be a struggle for many people so you have to be good at making the most of your time while still having time for family and other occasional leisure activities.


2. Note that you may have to make some sacrifices while doing a side hustle. You may not be able to watch your late night movie that you watch three time a week like you are used to (if that's the case) or something similar.


Good things often do come with sacrafice but if you keep your 'why' in mind, as to why you are doing it, nothing can stop you!

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I think that regardless of what business you are in, the best thing is to become an expert at your chosen field.  

There are too many "jack of all trades" out there already...

If you become the "go to" person, you will not need to supplement your income with another job.



Aug 14, 2019 12:29 PM