10 Tips for Getting Organized at Home and in Life

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I've been a a little obsessed with organization and finding systems and processes to get organized and make life easier. 


In this article, I'm sharing 10 tips you can implement for getting organized at home and in life and you can choose to use all of these tips or choose a few of these to implement in your home.


Choosing one tip today and then visiting this list later and choosing another getting organized tip to implement, may be less overwhelming that trying to do it all in one shot.


Small changes over time can really add up and make all the difference.


Before getting into the organization tips, it's important to point out that doing some decluttering and cleaning is highly beneficial before attempting to organize a space. 


It's much easier to organize a space with less clutter and surely important to clean the space before organizing it.


If you struggle with decluttering, you may find these books on decluttering helpful.


When it comes to cleaning, if you dread cleaning the bathroom like many people do, then you may find this article on the best bathtub scrubbers a good read because who wants to continue cleaning the bathtub and straining your back muscles?!


Also, when it comes to organizing a small kitchen that doesn't have a pantry, it can be a challenge. You can get some great ideas here: organize a small kitchen with no pantry.


Now onto the organization tips...


1. Segregate your clothing by color and by occasion of use too. Not only will your clothes look neater, they will be easier to find too!


2. Do you find yourself always losing your keys? Get a key finder. If you lose your keys, press the button on the key finder, and that will trigger a sound from where your keys are located. Another option is to have a decorative bowl at the entry of your home and get in the habit of dropping your keys there when you enter. Forming new habits may not be so easy for some people so a key finder may be more ideal.


3. Minimize the time you spend doing laundry by using different hampers for clothing. Use one for the dark colored clothing and one for the light colored clothing. When laundry day arrives, you won’t have to spend time separating the white and dark clothing. Better yet, if you find yourself with so much laundry to do in one day, instead do one load a day only. Whichever hamper is the most full (whites, darks, or color) just do that one for the day. Those that have used this method find it so much easier for their life!


4. If you share a bathroom with other members in your household, assign a caddy or space to put their stuff. Your bathroom will be more organized and clutter free.


5. How’s that glove compartment in your car looking? Organize it to have easy access to important documents that you need in a flash so you don’t waste time fumbling through your glove compartment when you need something in a hurry.


6. Vehicle trunk full of stuff? Remove clutter from the trunk, especially heavy clutter. Weight adds up to the car’s drag which adds up to gas consumption.


7. Keep all your appliance manuals, guarantees, and troubleshooting in a big envelope or folder. It can save you the trouble of expensive repairs.


8. Install a corkboard in key places in your home: possibly near the telephone, refrigerator, or home office area. Use this to pin up urgent messages and reminders.


9. Extend the storage capacity of your closets by adding attachments such as hooks and rods on the closet doors, where you can hang your belts, ties, scarves, ribbons, and other accessories.


10. Use empty ice trays or egg cartons to store trinkets suck as charm earrings and buttons or any other small items. Finding them now will be a easy and you didn't have to spend money on storage cases.


Do you have some of your own organization tips you'd like to share?

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John Pusa
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Crest - Glendale, CA
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Veronica Bettencourt very good tips for getting organized at home and in life.

Aug 15, 2019 08:47 PM
Bhupati Barman
Property Investment - Chinatown, NY
Digital Marketing Expert.

Veronica, You have shared most valuable tips with us!

Aug 16, 2019 03:17 AM
Veronica Bettencourt
Veronica Bettencourt - Toronto, ON
Online Educator

Thanks John and Bhupati!

Aug 16, 2019 12:19 PM