Preventing Open House Theft and Security Issues When Selling Your House

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When you're selling your house, you have money to be made, moving, and managing stress on your mind. Home security is usually not even on the back burner of homeowners' minds, so it probably isn't on yours either. But sadly, open house theft and other home security breaches are not uncommon. Read this post to learn how to protect yourself when selling your home.


Preventing Open House Theft and Security Issues When Selling Your House

When selling your house with a realtor or for sale by owner, make it impossible or much harder for someone to steal from you by eliminating or discouraging opportunities for theft.


Open House


Remove or hide valuables

If it's not in the home, they can't steal it. And if it's hidden, they'll have a much harder time finding and taking it without someone realizing it. Sometimes people don't take the item during the viewing with you or the real estate agent present. Instead, they'll inspect the home and break into it later. They may even use the opportunity of being in the home to leave a door or window open so they can get in.

If they don't see anything of value, they won't have much reason to invest more time in the home.


Increase security

Make sure each door and window locks securely. Purchase new or additional locks, if necessary.

You might also secure your property and increase the home's value by adding a home security system.


Don't let potential buyers in the house alone

It may be tempting when you are selling by owner to just leave the house open and let people come see the house while you're at work or to let them get the key from you and go over by themselves and bring the key back. This is not wise. It's better for your job but terrible for your home security.


Avoid open houses, if possible

Open houses are events where your real estate agent advertises that they'll be showing your home at a given time and anyone can show up, as opposed to scheduled appointments with vetted home buyers. When a real estate agent only allows someone to view the home whom they have already verified is a worthy consideration, you are much less likely to experience theft during home showings.  Open houses can be valuable marketing tools for your home.  An experienced agent will take necessary safety percautions such as trying not to allow visitors any time alone in a room and always check doors and windows after the open house.


If you are selling the house yourself, only show the home by appointment and be on the lookout for warning signs when speaking to the potential buyer.


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Missy, we have to bring all this up with homeowners during the listing presentation for their security!  Great post.

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