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I can't count the number of conversations since launching my own coaching business for real estate agents and small businesses that revolved around the cost of one-on-one coaching being so expensive. Having coached 100's of small business owners over the years, I was always sensitive to the cost of Mastery-Level or Elite (or whatever name was given to it) coaching. Often starting at a $1,000 a month or more, business owners would sign 12 month contracts with no financial guarantee or assurance of the quality of coaching they would receive during that time period. Passionate about helping small business owners, I launched Red Hawk Coaching in 2017.

Being the CEO/Owner, when I launched my one-on-one coaching business, I realized I could be competitive because I was not splitting my coaching fee with an organization. Most coaching organizations operate off splits of 70/30, 60/40, or some variation for their "support network", training, etc.  Running my own operation, I can set my own rules and value prop to deliver to my clients. For one-on-one coaching with me, it is $500 a month, and that consists of weekly, 45 minute coaching appointments via Zoom online. All sessions are recorded, and you are given a private YouTube playlist on my channel to access our coaching sessions. I do not require my coaching clients to sign 12 month contracts, and payments are reoccurring month to month with the opportunity to cancel at anytime. Most of my clients are with me 12 or more months at a time because of the value they get in our sessions; they get results. I promote my clients through both my website and social media. If you have a coach, when is the last time they promoted you and your business.

I've had individuals from coaching organizations knock what I am doing because I am not a part of their organization. I believe in coaching enough that I hire my own coaches. I currently have 3 coaches. Those that have knocked what I am building often times don't have the coaching experience I have acquired over the years. Since 2010, I've booked over 10,000 hours of coaching, training, and mentorship. I am a results driven coach, and it is why I've continued to have success in my growing coaching business.

If you're looking for a different experience, a value enriched experience with a coach that has countless hours working with agents at all levels of the business, schedule a FREE business strategy call with me today. To set the expectations of this call....

  1. You bring a current challenge to the call, and I will help you create a strategy on how to overcome that challenge.
  2. I will share with you what coaching would look like in your business, and what you can expect from that relationship.
  3. The call is an experiential call. There is no obligation to coach. If I can help you beyond this strategy call, we can talk more. No strings attached. I have several hours set outside of my coaching days to have these exploratory calls.

Set an appointment with me today to learn more. Your future self will thank you.

The Journey to Red Hawk Coaching

2004 - 2010 | Sales Associate with Keller Williams Realty Northeast in Kingwood, Texas
2010 - 2012 | Assistant Team Leader, Productivity Coach, and IGNITE Trainer with KW Houston Memorial
2012 - 2014 | Assistant Team Leader, Productivity Coach, Trainer with KW The Woodlands and Magnolia
2014 - 2017 | Assistant Team Leader, Productivity Coach, Trainer with KW Northeast in Kingwood, Texas
2017 | Regional Director for United Home Group - Texas with Cody Gibson
2017 - Present | Launched Red Hawk Coaching
2017 - 2019 | eXp Realty (License Moved to Inactive Status in July 2019)

The experience and the opportunities I have give me a unique perspective of the industry working with agents and teams at all productivity levels. If you're looking for a coach with this type of experience, let's have a conversation.

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