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With Property Rates Rising Steeply Across The Country, It Has Become Increasingly Difficult For People To Own Their Dream Home In Delhi And NCR. At A Time Like This, Faridabad Comes To The Rescue With Quality Houses At Reasonable Prices. Et Realty Finds Out More...

Even though food, clothing and a shelter are only the most basic necessities of mankind, with all these fabulous sales on clothing and cheap and quality food dished out by famous restaurants, quality food and clothes are very much within the reach of the common man but, the same cannot be said for a shelter, which is his dream home. Owning a fine home and living a peaceful life is the dream of every common man.

However with property rates rising steeply across the country, it has become increasingly difficult for people to own their dream home in Delhi and NCR. Even, the pre-launched projects come almost at the price equivalent to the price of a completed project and further take two to three years for possession. Even in newly developed cities like Indirapuram and Kundli, prices have risen exponentially; taking them out of the reach of common people in these times of overpriced properties in Delhi and NCR, there is a fully developed place near Delhi where people can still by quality houses at reasonable prices. Located just eight kilometers from the Delhi border are sectors 21 A, B, C, D, 45 and 46 in Faridabad. These sectors are places where a person, even today, can buy a flat here at a reasonable price. People have a wrong notion about Faridabad that it is a city with poorly developed infrastructure, bad roads, massive power outages and water shortage. But things have changed over the past few years, which have seen a drastic change in the infrastructure and living conditions at Faridabad. Especially, in the sectors of 21C, 46 the living conditions and infrastructure have improved drastically and are in many areas better than many places in Delhi and NCR.

These sectors are just 16 km away from Ashram and take 15 to 20 minutes drive from GK-I & II to reach these Sectors. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes to reach sec 46 from South Delhi, a time and distance that no other place can boast off in NCR. Sector 21C and Sector 46 are well connected by Mathura Road and they are connected through another 4-lane Surajkund Road. In South Delhi, where price of land ranges from Rs.3 lakh to Rs.4 lakh per sq yard, the price of plots in these sectors ranges from Rs.22,000 sq yard to Rs.35,000 sq yard. In areas such a Gurgaon and Noida where plot prices range from Rs.70,000 to Rs.90,000 per sq yard, and flats from Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 80 lakh, a 3-bedroom group housing flat here can be purchased for almost Rs. 45 lakh.

Thus, the amount of money a person will spend in buying a flat In Gurgaon or Noida will fetch him a whole house in these sectors. These sectors are well developed and include all basic amenities they are ideally located between Gurgaon and Noida. Nitin Kapoor, a software engineer says, "I work in Gurgaon and my wife works in Noida. Property rates were quite high in South Delhi. So, we bought a plot and constructed a house in Sector 46, Faridabad. Now, it takes me and my wife only half an hour to reach office with no commuting problems, and further, our dream of living in an open pollution free environment has also come true."

The prime sectors among these are Sec 21C and Sec 46. People can buy plots between 160 sq yard and 1000 sq yard in the price range Rs.25, 000 - Rs. 34, 000 per sq yard. These sectors contain markets. Schools and Hospitals Sec 21A has bigger plots - 500 sq yards to 1000 sq yards. It is ideal for the construction of farm houses and very big homes. The average flat in these areas costs around Rs.2,400 - 2,800 per sq ft. residential apartment are available in sizes ranging from 1,200 to 2,200 sq ft. A two bedroom apartment costs around Rs. 29 Lakhs, while a three bedroom flat can be bought for Rs.46 lakhs.

Omaxe has come up with two housing projects on Surajkund Road - Omaxe Green Valley and Omaxe Hills. Omaxe Green Valley caters to high-end luxury apartments available at Rs.6, 000 per sq ft, whereas in Omaxe Hills non luxury flats are available at Rs. 2, 8000 per sq ft. In Sector 21-D, One finds a lot many group-housings, beautifully constructed and ready for possession. These apartments are priced between Rs, 29 lakhs and Rs.60 lakhs. Over the past two years, property rates in these sectors have increased by two to three times. A person from Royal Estate agency explains,  "Past two years have seen a lot of high-profile people moving to these sectors, thus increasing the prices considerably. Though property prices are falling across India, prices over here have seen an appreciation of 22-25% in the past providing around Rs.250 crore for complete development of roads in Faridabad and the power ministry assuring people and industries of Faridabad with adequate power supply, it will be ideal place to live in.


                                                                               Courtesy ET Realty 06-06-08

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Shuchita Kataria

In my opinion Greater Faridabad is the best residential area to invest right now. If you invest  in Faridabad

  area, you will be pleased to know that this place  are full of activity, educational hub, shopping

 street with many opportunities.

These Plots are priced between Rs, 10 lakhs and Rs.20 lakhs. Over the past two years, property rates in these sectors have increased by two to three times.

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Dec 30, 2014 06:32 PM