Brick - To Paint or Not to Paint.

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Brick is one of those things people either love or hate. I love brick. It's unique and adds character to wherever it is used. That being said I think the main reason that turns people off of brick is its color and the fact that it can be quite difficult to coordinate with. This brings me to the question, should you paint the brick?


I think when you are considering whether or not to paint brick, it boils down to one question. What is the look you are trying to achieve? Red brick has more of a rustic feel. It feels homey, aged and classic. Painted brick is the opposite. It's a cleaner look and is more contemporary and modern.


Now, painted brick is much easier to coordinate with and style around. The real issue is what colors go with brick that isn't painted. I have a few tips to make it a little easier for you.

1. Stick to warmer neutrals.

Red brick is warm toned so using warmer toned colors will work well with it. For example, a stark white may seem too harsh up against the brick. Instead of white opt for a creamy off-white color. A creamier color will appear softer and not as harsh.


2. Pull colors from the brick and mortar.

Brick usually isn't one full color, it has color variations in it. Think about pulling a color from the brick. This way you know the colors will work well together. You can also use a color similar to the mortar color, which is nine times out of ten a neutral. I find that SW Rever Pewter works well with red brick.


3. Use a contrasting color.

Using contrasting colors is one of my favorite ways to work with brick. A bold color like black will not only contrast the brick but it will also beautifully complement it. A great example would be black accents on a red brick exterior home. Black trim, shutters and front door would be the perfect contrast for the brick exterior.


Don't let red brick scare you. It's easy to work with when you have an idea of what paint colors go with it. Just remember these tips next time you are dealing with brick. However, if you are painting brick, consider one of these awesome exterior paint colors to make your home shine. 


Whether you are team painted brick or team unpainted brick, there will always be different ways and ideas to make it work for your particular style.





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John Pusa
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Cate Griffing very good report about to paint or not to paint brick.

Aug 28, 2019 03:37 PM
Cate Griffing

thank you, John!

Aug 29, 2019 09:40 AM