Klamath Falls, OR: Ignore IRS notices at your Peril

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represent taxpayers in Klamath Falls and through out Oregon filing tax returns, resolving tax debt and solving IRS issues. I have many clients who bring me stacks of unopened IRS letters. I get it, its overwhelming and scary, but please open and respond to those letters. Your response can be a phone call, a letter back or designating an EA or CPA to respond for you, your response does not need to include a payment.

Letter 11 the Notice of a Right to Collection Due Process (CPD) is one letter you need to respond to quickly. If you have been threatened with an IRS Levy, you will receive this letter and have 30 days to respond. If you respond and ask for a CPD hearing within the 30 days allowed, all IRS collection processes will be stopped for 45 days and you will be given time to work out arrangements with the IRS Collection Division to solve your issue. If your issue cannot be resolved you will have the right to the CPD hearing and the right to appear in IRS Tax Court if the hearing does not resolve your issue. Less than 2% of Tax Payers take their right to Appeal with a CPD hearing.

If you are past your 30 days, all is not lost and you may (with in 1 year) request an IRS Equivalency Hearing, however, collection efforts by the IRS will not stop, and you will have lost your right to an IRS Tax Court appearance.

Open those IRS Letters, take action and respond. The IRS Collection Division would rather work with you in an IRS Installment Plan, than seize your assets.

If you would like help with any of these tax situations please contact me at pam@amcomtaxkfalls.com or at 541-884-1755

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