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our pound puppy Eleanor Rigby 


If you live in Fairfax County Virginia and are thinking about getting a cat or dog, please consider adoption.

Our last three dogs have been adopted canines and they are awesome. It is a cliche...but adopting a pet will do more good for you, than you will do for the animal.


If I had a farm, I would fill it with adoptees and I guarantee that I would be the happiest, most mentally contented man around. Hmmmm....I think I better get a farm. The dogs in these photos are our rescue dogs Penny Lane and Eleanor Rigby Bachman.


The smaller one, Penny, is the mother of the larger one Eleanor. They were a sorry sight when we first got them. Both were recovering from mange, had almost no hair and Penny was and still does... limp. They were clearly neglected if not abused.





Fairfax County animal shelter


 You can save a life and bring yourself some furry pleasure by visiting the Fairfax County shelter off West Ox Road across from Fair Oaks mall. Go on a regular basis and you will find the right pet for you... it might not happen in one visit. Our first rescue dog, Abigail took 5 visits over 2 weeks to find. 







our pound puppy Penny Lane


Some of the animals you will find at shelters are too abused for a new pet owner or one with small children to handle.

Usually you can spot these animals right away.







Eleanor Rigby and Penny Lane her mother
 One test I use before I ask the aides to let me meet the dog, is to simply see if the animal will come up to the front of its pen to meet me with a wagging tail. 












Fairfax County animal shelter hours of operationIf so, that is a very good first sign.

Many dogs will stay huddled in a corner or stare indifferently or aggressively...not a good sign for a successful adoption.

Sadly some animals have become too psychotic for most of us to handle.




This is a very good adopted dog-Penny Lane



 Penny and Ellie, were very neurotic from abuse, but we took them on since we are pretty experienced dog people.











Eleanor Rigby


It took one of them a year to trust us, but they are now both outstanding and entertaining pets.

If you take your time and use common sense, you can get a great pet...REALLY CHEAP! 



It is very affordable to adopt a pet in Fairfax County. I have seen some breeds there with dogs of good temperament that would easily cost you $700 if you purchased them from a breeder

  • Adoption fees

    • Dogs:
      • Through six months: $175
      • Seven months through five years: $125
      • Six years and older: $100
    • Cats:
      • Through six months: $125
      • Seven months through five years: $75
      • Six years and older: $50
    • Rabbits: $15
    • Ferrets: $15
    • Reptiles: $10
    • Small Birds: $10
    • Large Birds: $100
    • Equine and Bovine: $200
    • Other Small Animals: $5
    • Other Livestock: $20


  • who can resist Penny? No one.

You must pay to neuter any cat or dog you adopt...again ...a very reasonable expense.

  • Virginia State Law mandates that all dogs and cats adopted from a shelter must be spayed/neutered.
  • You are also responsible for paying 100 percent of the cost for spaying/neutering dogs and cats adopted from the shelter.
  • A deposit for surgery is taken at the time of adoption, and the balance is paid directly to the veterinarian when the pet is picked up after surgery.


Ellie in the big snow



If you are looking for a particular breed and/or you cannot find the pet you want from the county shelter, here are some more places to check.

Good Dog Rescue

Friends of Homeless Animals

Middleburg Humane Foundation

Oldies but Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue


Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

Greyhound Welfare

4Paws Rescue Team

Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation

Greyhound Pets of America












Caring Hearts RescueA TAIL TO BE PROUD OF

Miniature Pinscher Service

Humane Society of Fairfax County

Potcake Rescue

Collie Rescue

Pet Finder

Dogs in Danger

Cats Rule! Feline Rescue














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Our 3 rescue dogs have been GREAT! Go get a couple.

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