8 Tips for Finding Apartments Near Me

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So you have recently took a new job but you're freaking out because you need to find an apartment in a new city that you're completely unfamiliar with. Take a second and breathe. We are going to show you 10 helpful tips for finding an apartment near me. 


Real Estate Agents for Apartment Hunting? 


This is the one time you wont totally hate real estate agents. Contact several local agents in your new city and tell them your wants and needs. Some agents wont waste their time while others will be a valuable resource and helpful guide navigating a new city and helping you find the perfect apartment. A good real estate agent will be helpful knowing they can build a relationship and possibly help you find a home when its time to move from your new apartment home. We Buy Houses.




Zillow can be a one stop shop for locating a nice apartment in a new city. They have a huge inventory and you can check out target a specific region and make a custom list to narrow your options. 


Boots on the Ground


If you have new work colleagues or friends and family in the area ask for help. They will know the areas that you might want to live and can actively look around the city for you helping you locate the perfect apartment. 


Local Coffee Shops


If your not scared to talk with real people go to a local coffee shop and ask around. Look for a bulletin board. These boards can have all kinds of using resources like realtors business cards or local apartment property managers contact info. 


Google Apartments Near Me


A simple google search of "apartments near me" can help you find everything you need with one simple search. You can target specific regions and cities like "apartments near ....." This will show you all the local apartments and you can shop and views pictures and the email the property managers to get quotes on rent. 


Drive Around 


Get in your car and look around. Many apartments under 100 units will not have a website or any web presences at all. If you're looking for a more affordable apartment that isn't a class a building you will need to look around and go talk directly to the property owner or manager.


Make an in Pulse Decision  


When I moved away from home at 19 I was overwhelmed trying to find an apartment in a new city. I did what most guys would do and I found a part of town I liked drove around and picked my favorite apartment with the most curb appeal. I spent maybe 1 hour viewing the apartment and placed my deposit. we buy houses




You probably spend hours on facebook at work scrolling and sharing funny memes with your friends. Why not use your social media following for something useful for once.  Make a post and ask for recommendations for local realtors, nice apartments near you, and people experiences with places they have rented. Your following is an amazing free resource. Make a simple post like "HELP ME FIND AN APARTMENT!" or "Who Knows of Good Apartments Near Me?" 

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