Secrets To Selling Your Inherited Home Fast

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Checklist To Sell Your House Fast in Atlanta Georgia


Atlanta Georgia: 6/21/2019


Have the Right Team in Place

If you have recently inherited a home its very important to have the right team in place to help guide you through this process. The right team will consist of a real estate attorney, accountant, real estate broker, contractor, and a photographer. We Buy Houses.



Hire a trusted attorney to review all paperwork, such as the property deed, current mortgages, property taxes, or liens. An attorney will also help mediate any family disagreements that may arise during the process.


Tax advisor 

Consult with a tax advisor to understand the inheritance and estate tax in Atlanta, as well as any tax implications and how to report the earnings from the sale. Speak with your tax advisor to determine if Atlanta requires your inherited home to go through probate.


Real estate agent  

An Atlanta Georgia realtor should have a solid understanding of the local market. Consult with a real estate agent to conduct a home appraisal / CMA to help you best price the house to sell fast. Listing the home with a realtor will ensure you price the home in line with the market, but also so you don’t price the house too low simply to get it off your hands. 


Weigh Home Improvement Pros and Cons

You might think the house is in need of to many repairs and many times that is the case. You might think your only option is to sell the house as is. Having a local unbiased realtor view the property can help you determine whether making small improvements or repairs can improve the value and bring a higher offer or cash offer. 


Cleaning Your House






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Prior to selling or even showing the house it is very important you depersonalize the home and clean it out. 


Making a small effort will go a long way to an investor. Clutter and furniture can distract potential buyers and will result in a lower cash offer. Take a day and rent a small 30 foot dumpster. 


Clean and throw away all trash and unwanted items. This little step will help you net a lot more cash from your home sale.  



Home Selling Secret "We Buy Houses" "Sell My House Fast Atlanta" 

Making contact with a local trustworthy we buy houses investor can help you avoid a lot of hassle. An investor can view the property quickly and can make you an all cash offer for your house on the spot. You may have seen we buy houses Atlanta Georgia signs everywhere or websites advertising to sell my house fast these are good places to start but be sure to research the company you're contacting. Check the company for reviews and references to ensure a smooth cash sale. We buy houses companies are a great home selling secret in Atlanta. These buyers can help you settle an estate very quickly and the speedy sale .


Know Your Buyer

Depending on the condition of the home you will need to determine who is your target buyer. Will I be able to manage and make some repairs and list the home with a realtor? Is my target a traditional buyer? If your home is in need of many repairs the sell the home as is will be your best option. Finding a local investor or we buy houses Atlanta company will ensure a speedy sale. 


Calculate and Prioritize Vacant House Expenses

The property you recently inherited could still have a mortgage that needs to be paid. You need to get a title order run to know exactly what is recorded with the county. You will need to pay property taxes and shut off the gas and water. The lawn will need to be maintained to avoid possible code enforcement violations. If your located in a high crime area you may need to board up the vacant property. we buy houses


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