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What Role Does ACCESS Play in Making Your Listing a Quality Listing?

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The role that Access to show your home plays once you list is a critical element in making your home a quality listing.  What is a Quality Listing?  It is one in which the Price, Location, Condition and Access play key roles.  And, when correctly combined, make for a quality listing.

When I discuss Listing a home for Sale for a Seller, on the most important aspects we discuss is what will the Access to their home be.  That is to say, how will other Agents, typically, Buyer’s Agents, be able to access the home to show their Buyers?

  • Are there only going to be certain hours that the home can be shown?
  • Are there time limits of how long a showing can be for?
  • Are there going to be pets that will be in the home?
  • Will there be an Alarm System that has to be turned on/off by the showing Agent?
  • Will you allow a Lockbox on your door?

These are just a few of the many potential questions that depending on the answers may cause a Seller home to be considered difficult to show.  I also say…”can’t sell it, if you can’t show it”.  The more restrictive that showing instructions are, the more likely that potential showing Agents may choose not to show a home and move on to a home that is for sale and is easier to access.

It is not to say that there cannot be certain restrictions as to Showing Instructions.  For example, many of my Seller clients, with small children, prefer not to have showings after a certain time of day in order to put their children to bed.  Other of my Clients have pets, but are prepared to put them in a Kennel…or as I like to call it their “condo”.  And other of my clients prefer a minimum amount of notice prior to a showing….just be careful to make that a reasonable amount of notice time.  I have found that the longer the notice time, the more chance that a showing Agent will move on to scheduling a different home.

I realize that the discussion regarding Access to show seems very insignificant as compared to Pricing when discussing putting your home on the market for sale.  But, I firmly believe that the discussion regarding Access is critical.  The Access that you provide to show your home can certainly play a large role in making or breaking your ability to get the price you are looking for or even selling your house at all.

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Suzanne Hinton

About the Author: The above Real Estate information was provided by Suzanne Hinton, an Area Specialist and Top Producer in assisting people moving in and out of North Johnson County KS and the surrounding towns of the Kansas City Metro for the last 30 years.  Suzanne can be reached at shinton@remax.net or by phone at 816-520-0917.

I service assisting with Residential Real Estate Sales in the following Metro Kansas City towns:  Overland Park, Johnson County, Olathe, Mission, Merriam, Prairie Village, Leawood KS and Lee's Summit, Kansas City, Liberty, Parkville, North Kansas City MO.