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Lately, when I've been thinking about the content that I post on my blog I have really been thinking about those in need.


I've had a few members of the HWS family reach out to me and tell me about their financial situations. Each one is different and requires more than just generic ways to achieve financial stability.


I decided that my next series of finance content will be designed especially for those in need. I plan to move into cover more specific topics. For example, I had a request to cover budgeting tips for a family of four with one income.


I am by no means an expert. But I do have life experience and a love for researching and finding solutions. Sometimes when we are in the thick of a situation it is difficult to see solutions. It can be difficult to look at a situation holistically when we are right in the middle.  And let's not forget about those pesky emotions. They can block us from seeing solutions.


My first blog post for those in real need is named I Need Money Now – 10 Ways to Make Money When You Desperately Need It. It is all about making quick money when you are in need. I give you 10 ways that you can make money within one week. Some allow you to make money the same day.


This post is designed to give you options when you need to make quick money to survive. This is often the first step that is needed before you can think about budgetingsaving, or eliminating debt.


You can also find this content on my YouTube Channel. You can watch the video here. It goes hand in hand with the blog post. The list starts with the ways that require some setup and ends with ways that you can make money the same day.


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If you have any suggestions of topics I can cover to help people in need in the areas of finance, wellness, or family please share your ideas with me in the comments.


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