Why Video Marketing and Branding are Musts for Realtors

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Social media and other popular technologies have the potential to be effective tools for realtors. Thanks to the impressive reach one can achieve with certain platforms and the ability to create true connections with potential clients, it can actually be easier to develop relationships with buyers and sellers now than ever before.

The caveat is that you have to put tremendous time and energy into forming those connections. One of the more influential things you can do is begin marketing your brand with video. The good news is you don’t have to be an expert.


So, why is video a must for realtors? How can you get started? Read on to find out!


It’s Easy

Where is your smart phone right now? Chances are it’s on your person or in your hand. If not, it’s probably within reach. You have it with you during almost all waking hours, right?

That incredible little device is all you need to get started. You don’t need a fancy camera or slick recording studio—just your smart phone, a selfie stick, and maybe a tripod. Most people won’t be able to tell the difference, so grab your phone and start recording!


You Look Professional

Even if your filming style is casual, producing videos will make you look like an expert. People who are searching for a realtor are bound to stumble on your work and view you as a professional thanks to the time, effort, and diversity of your work.

From laid back videos to home tours to a short promo or commercial, producing any form of content is better than producing none.


Show the Small Things

Your videos do not have to be all business—in fact, it’s better if they aren’t! Feel free to share what you are passionate about even if they aren’t directly related to the real estate business.

For example, incorporating your hobbies and passions into your videos will make you a more well-rounded and interesting person, which can go a long way toward increasing your appeal. You can also use videos to celebrate successful client stories. From closings to testimonials, try to produce as much video content as possible! 


Relax and Have Fun

The keys to branding and video marketing are to just relax and don't over think it, and try to have a little fun. If you can convince yourself to start, you will likely find that you enjoy it and that it's a great tool for your business.


For more tips on the benefits of technology and how you can position your business for the future of real estate, lets connect and collaborate. 


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Comments (3)

Nick Good
The Good Home Team with eXp Realty - McKinney, TX

Thank you for sharing.  We've gotten a good amount of business from our videos that we do. 

Sep 13, 2019 01:00 PM
Ian Flannigan

I seen tons of your videos. You always deliver great content for agents and consumers!

Sep 16, 2019 05:26 PM
Debb Janes
Nature As Neighbors - Camas, WA
Put My Love of Nature At Work for You

Agree with you completely - and most realtors are not utilizing this technology. And of those that do, quite a handful are not doing it well. 

Sep 22, 2019 07:22 AM
Ian Flannigan

Debb, thanks for the comment. I think people just need to get out there and do it so they can get better over time. 

Sep 22, 2019 07:37 PM
humayoun mussawar

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Mar 01, 2020 09:40 PM