Staging your home to sell

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  1. De-clutter. Get rid of the clutter you have around the house.   Look around your home.  See things like nick knacks, piles of news papers, to many things stacked in one place.  Pack up everything you don't need and store it in boxes.  Take it out and put it into storage or a store it at a friends garage.  Clutter makes your home look messy and turns buyEr's off.  The more you de-clutter the bigger and more spacious your home will look. Don't store it in your garage if your showing your home.
  2. Organize your closets - Remember you have closets and they need to be clean and organized.  Color coordinate your clothes.  Blue pants with blue pants, black with black, ect.  Hang all your shirts that are like color together, the same with your other clothes hanging in the closet.  Set your shoes up in pairs in nice neat lines or in a shoe holder. It will make your closet look much neater and larger.  It's also a great opportunity to go through those old unworn clothes\shoes and give them to charity.  This will even free up more room in your closets, and you won't be packing more than you need to when you move out of your home.
  3. Make your home shine.   Clean it up.  Touch up pain or fresh paint on the walls where you need it to look fresh.   Take down those pictures of family and friends.  It's to personal for home buyers, they would like to imagine what the house would look like with their own personal belongings in it.  Remove everything that you don't use.  Your going to have to pack it up anyway.  Clean your kitchen and drawers, remember potential home buyers are going to open drawers and cabinets.  Take the appliances and clutter off your counters, your kitchen will look larger when they are removed.
  4. Remove pets and cat boxes.  There is nothing worse than a prospective buyer tripping over your ankle biter or smelling your cat box.  It doesn't make for a pretty picture if you leave the cat box sitting out for someone to see.
  5. Deodorize your home if you smoke or have pets.  Eliminate all oders, the home will show better and buyer's won't wrinkle up their nose.
  6. Remove all expensive personal items, like jewelry.  Realtors cannot keep an eye on their clients every moment.  Put it in a safe or remove it from home entirely.

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