Success with mortgages for A1 Visa diplomats in DC area

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Success with mortgages for A1 Visa diplomats in DC area

It has been some time since I have written on this topic, and what a whirlwind of changes has taken place since first making it my mission to help diplomat clients purchase their home of choice in the greater Washington DC area. Despite the crisis of 2008, the ensuing meltdown of the financial system, and the tightening of lending restrictions over the ensuing years, I am pleased to report that the environment is now more favorable. We have encountered great success over the past several years.

There are currently over 5 reputable mortgage lenders I am working with when it comes to finding a good match for my real estate buyer clients who are members of the diplomatic community. It's never one size fits all, and there are many variables to sort through in order to find the best fit. Working with an experienced real estate agent who specializes in this field and who has a proven track record is the key to your success. For a little background, please read The Washington Post article here

If you are interested in securing the peace of mind and long term security that comes with owning real estate in the United States, please contact me today for a confidential consultation.


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Ervin Smith

I am very pleased that you have managed to establish a connection for people like me, who also want to own their property, having only a visa. Of course, we are very limited because of these visas. Now, during the pandemic, it has become much more difficult to do them at all. I couldn't extend my visa for a couple of months. But somehow sitting on the Internet I found a website where you can extend your visa at a very reasonable price. Everything is done through the website, very quickly and without any problems.

Dec 25, 2021 11:17 PM