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Tax compliance, what's that and why is it important if I have IRS tax debt.  represent taxpayers in Klamath Falls and through out Oregon filing tax returns, resolving tax debt and solving IRS issues. The first step in resolving IRS tax debt is tax compliance. The IRS will not begin any collection negotiation including Installment agreements, and an Offer-In-Compromise, unless the tax payer is in tax compliance. The IRS considers a taxpayer in compliance if the last six years of tax returns have been filed and current tax payments are being paid. Current tax payments include, proper withholding and quarterly estimated tax payments. If you have W-2 wages, you must be withholding at the correct amount for your situation. If you are self employed you must be making quarterly tax estimates. Many taxpayers do not understand that our system for income taxes is a pay as you go system. Can't I just pay my tax with my return? If you pay all the tax due including any penalty and interest with your tax return, all will be well and the IRS is happy. However, once you are in IRS collections, with past due tax the rules change and the IRS expects you to be current in your tax payments. This first step of tax compliance is critical in resolving tax debt. If you need help with filing back tax returns and determining, you current withholding or quarterly tax estimates, please contact me at pam@amcomtaxkfalls.com or at 541-884-1755. We can get you in tax compliance and moving forward in your tax resolution.

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