The Truth About Guest Posts and Web Traffic

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Blogging has revolutionized how people create and consume information. However, it is harder than you might think to drive traffic to your content. You could spend all day crafting witty and insightful posts only to see a handful of people consume them. High quality guest posts are a great way to up the ante on your blog and boost traffic; this is an inexpensive, quick, and helpful way to find the right readers for your blog.

Traffic, Visibility, and Backlinks
Crafting guest posts puts you in front of more readers. Over time, name recognition happens, and more people will look for your content; this establishes your credibility in the blogosphere. After your guest post is published, you will earn backlinks, which increase your search engine rankings and visibility. Links on other websites are one of the many ways that search engines determine rankings. The more blogs your name appears on, the more people will click between blogs; this creates a sense of community online and also increases traffic for your site.

Know Your Readers
It is important that your work appears on blogs with similar readers or interests. After all, you want the content to be high quality and to drive people to your blog. Take some time to think about who should be reading your posts: stay-at-home moms, business people, or college students? Are you looking for an audience with a specific interest like saving money or investing, or are you looking to tap into a specific lifestyle? The more specific you are when narrowing down your base, the easier it will be to create content that speaks to them; this includes everything from the photos and media to the content and keywords.

Similar Blogs and Sites
Once you have defined your readership, it is important to consider competitor blogs and services they consume. After all, if your desired audience is on LinkedIn, then you should have a presence there. If your readers like a specific website, then you should try to create a guest post for that site. The easiest way to find out what people like is to pay attention to what they share on their social media sites. You can also ask them by creating a poll on your website or asking them for suggestions for other blogs. Lastly, the Internet is a great tool. If you are writing posts about investing, you can use keyword like “investing blogs” and “finance blogs” to find like-minded sites.

Content Is Currency
Your blog posts are your bread and butter. With thousands upon thousands of sites out there, you have to work hard to stand out; this means creating original content that is easy to consume and full of valuable information. Take the time to draft and revise your work: pay attention to keywords, language and how to get your message across in a unique way. It is wise to link to other sites to build community, and it is wise to include a range of media, everything from photos to videos and more. Lastly, consider why people are reading your blog in the first place. Are they looking to have questions answered? Are they looking for a way to engage?

Relationships Are Important Online
Knowing bloggers, editors and online influencers are important if you want to be noticed. No matter your writing, a link share from someone can boost your visibility online. Take the time to link to other blogs, stay active on social media and try to build authentic online relationships. Consider attending workshops and conferences so you can meet other people in the industry. Bring a business card and make sure to follow up after you connect with someone. Over time, you will be invited to other events and can start collaborating with other bloggers and editors.

Take a Chance and Ask
You have to be bold if you want to be noticed online. Becoming a contributor does not happen overnight. Instead, you will need to pitch ideas, submit writing samples and keep up your blog. You do not need to know someone to email them. The worst they can say is no. Take some time to review websites and blogs before you reach out. You should know the type of content they publish and be able to offer a new story idea. Look and see if they have submission guidelines on the site and make sure to follow them. If rejection happens, know that it is just a part of blog writing. You may have to knock on many virtual doors until one opens. Your persistence will eventually pay off.


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