Do You Have an "Active" Child?

Education & Training with My Three Readers

I was an active child. My oldest son and daughter were both pretty active (especially my son). But none of it compared to my youngest son, who is the most active person I know! He is the definition of perpetual movement. 


These days folks will say, "Oh, he just an active boy. Boys are active! But people, I'm telling you there is active and then there is ACTIVE!"  Here are a few examples of his activity:


When he was younger, I would put my tennis shoes on FIRST THING out of bed. Because I already knew it would be a day of chasing. He was a runner, this child of mine.


He reads books while on his hoverboard. He doesn't even hesitate to turn a page or read a new chapter while somehow dodging walls and funiture, gliding along on his toy.


We have online educational games and apps he can read and play with, like Adventure Academy, Hooked on Phonics, or ABCmouse. He plays them for about 5-10 minutes and then he is bored. 


He learns math really well while jumping on a trampoline. In fact, this is how he likes to move while I'm reading to him.


He is in tackle football. He is not tired when he gets home from a two hour practice.


He spends hours (HOURS) running back and forth down a hall across our home with a football in hand, tossing it up into the air and catching it wihle dodging an imaginary blocker. All the while, talking out the plays in the tone of a sports broadcaster. Back and forth, back and forth.


Yesterday, we were in the doctor's personal office. He climbed UP a bookcase, under a table, lay on the couch with his feet up upside down, crawled under the chair and table.


By the way, he's not 3 or 4. He's 10. And yes, he does have ADHD. (One of the reasons we were at the doctor's, and one of the reasons I did not curb his energy - I wanted the doc to see.)


But you know what? I WISH I had his energy. There are challenges for us and for him with this incredible energy. And those challenges we are facing and giving him tools for. 


But he's amazing! Don't we all wish we had that in a bottle? We say we do off the cuff, but it's actually something I don't want him to feel bad about. He's a kid. He SHOULD have energy. 


Life has enough struggles. We work on self-control, but the energy? That's a gift :) So, my wish for myself, and for anyone reading this little article, is to view the positives in those around you, not to look at the negative, and to go ahead and celebrate what makes each of us unique.

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