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You are always teaching us valuable lessons and this may be the MOST important ever. Many people don't know that when their own name is searched online, EVEN THEIR COMMENTS ON OTHER SITES will appear as part of the Search. In addition to all the suggestions you give above about manners etc. one must ask oneself --- "Is this what I want to look like/sound like online?"  THANKS for a great post - Lynn

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It’s not a secret. I’m a great fan of ActiveRain and have been a Rainmaker from day 1 on Sept. 30, 2009.  That’s 10 years of being present every single day.


Very early in my membership here, I learned a very important fact.  Commenting is as important as the blog post on which the comment is posted.


Commenting is not only read by members on ActiveRain, but most importantly, comments are read by anyone who clicks on the title that Google indexes. If the post receives SEO, you can be assured every comment will be read and digested, just as the facts of the post.  If a reader has interest, that reader always wants to read other opinions!


Imagine if one or more of the comments were negative or sarcastic or insulting to the blogger!  Comments are most important.


There are subliminal and direct messages that are absorbed by readers. Readers make decisions based on what they read. Every comment that’s posted should be a positive one. It’s to the blogger’s advantage to be praised for their thoughts and actions that are described in the post. 


Be a supporter of fellow agents. Kicking someone’s ass within a comment is very counterproductive for that blogger. It’s not worth posting well written post and allowing comments when that continues to occur! If no one allows comments, where is the “social” aspect of blogging?


Not everyone agrees with every opinion. That’s the purpose of writing your own blog post.  That’s called being inspired to challenge an opinion.  It’s classless to sabotage a fellow agent’s blog post because you do not agree with that person. “Shout it out on your own blog. Don’t pollute the blog of another.”


This is very important information for every blogger to understand.  Challenges are wonderful, if stated in a professional manner.


The one thought to always remember when writing a comment is: “write your comment as if you were writing to the blogger’s potential clients.”


If you can remember to encourage others who are in the blogger’s marketplace to do business with that blogger, you’re giving that blogger a great testimonial.


Be a promoter. Encourage readers by giving praise to the work performed by that blogger.  The bottom line for those who are in a negative frame of mind is to take a day off. You’ll be doing yourself and others a great favor.


Just another thought for the moment…..


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